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11 Fundamental but Vital App Store Suggestions

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Below mentioned are some app store suggestions which the brand has to consider prior to uploading its app onto the App Store.

1.    It has to be ensured that there are no broken links
If the links embedded in a brand's app are fragmented or malfunctioning, then the app has a high chance of being dismissed from the app store.

Expect your app to surely be rejected on the app store if the links contained within the app are broken and don’t work.

2. Misplaced information

For a brand to get potential customers, it should also be based on the details given in the app's description. The probability of users deciding not to install the app is more than the risk of getting the app dismissed. This could be circumvented by having well-organized content.

3    3. Shun from presenting duplicate apps

Provided that an app has been dismissed earlier, it is not a good idea to resubmit the app again with a non-identical name, design and theme. New attributes have to be incorporated to show uniqueness. If not the app would be dismissed again. It should also be contemplated to augment the UX so that more customers will see it handy.

4. Never misjudge app store optimization

Akin to SEO for websites, putting time and assets into this factor would make a brand's app more perceivable. This is important during the starting period where the app is about to begin getting traction. Paid procurement of customers is also a way to increase app downloads instantaneously. This situation takes a more radical approach if the  brand is well funded.

5. Evaluate the payload size

Installing a lot of apps onto a device can slow it down due to memory usage. The smaller the space occupied by an app in the device, the more beneficial it is

6. Concentrate on giving a distinct and serviceable experience

Focus should be given to the other apps as well available in the group where the app will be uploaded to. If there are many similarities between the uploaded app and the others, the app would not be beneficial to the users and could be dismissed.

7. Smoothen (or) patch up user registration process

It is better to execute social media integration in the user signup procedure. If this is not followed, then the signup process must be smooth flowing and comprehensible to all the users.

8. Prohibit false portrayal of app’s capabilities/functions

App's description should be carefully defined. The app could be dismissed if features described as so are not found in the app

9. Be ahead regarding ads in the app

Similar to the various app store instructions, the brand should pay heed to the ad instructions for the corresponding app stores.

10. Give priority to logo design

Creatives can make a substantial difference in advertising the brand's app. It gives a unique feature/ look for the app. A memorable icon design will make the app look more perceivable and appropriate for the users.

11. Tackle matters mentioned in reviews and ratings

This is possibly the most crucial guideline of all the other ones. If a brand's app has got a rating of 3 or 4 stars out of 5, few bad reviews at the top could create problems. New consumers  who are going to install the app, observe the brand new reviews at first. Even though it takes some time to implement the changes, the brand should have replied to those users. This indicates a feeling of dedication for the other customers and they might be more interested in downloading the app. 

The above-mentioned guidelines are fundamental steps to help the brand get a lot of downloads. It is one thinking for a brand to follow its idea and design an app. However, it is a whole new thing if the brand  wants users to install and use the app consistently. 

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