Tuesday, December 20, 2016

News about Whatsapp halting support of oldphones

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WhatsApp has revised its change to remove its supporting features for older phones, although only up to a small extent.

The messaging app giant has saved the BlackBerry products from the support switch off. However, this leniency will hold true only up to July of the coming year after which Whatsapp will cease to function on products using BlackBerry OS.

Whatsapp stated that in the beginning of this year that it would cease to function and support on the pre-existing phones encompassing iPhone 3GS, the various Nokia mobiles, and phones using Android Version 2.1 and 2.2. This change is said to be done this year end, signifying that an astronomical number of users won't be able to use one of the well-liked apps that exist currently.

Launching the news of the change, Whatsapp suggests users to get a new smartphone to continue usage of the messaging app. This commitment was taken into account so that the app giant could continue to integrate new attributes to the app and also make certain that extra new security upgrades could be implemented as well.

The blog post stated that the switch off for older phones was a difficult resolution to implement. However, it stated that it was the proper decision taken so that users could be in contact with all their relations using Whatsapp. It is further noted that in order for users to sustain utilizing Whatsapp it is suggested to update to a brand new Android, Windows or iPhone device before 2016 ends.

At present due to the backlash, Whatsapp has allowed support for some products till the half of the year 2017. It has made the statement that Whatsapp will sustain support for BlackBerry OS, BlackBerry 10, Nokia Symbian S69 and Nokia S40 till June 30th of the next year. This was notified in a blog posted by Whatsapp in advance this year regarding the switch off of support for mobile phones.

However, this still signifies that the impacted Android and iPhone devices will be affected by the change and it is presumed that  Whatsapp will vanish from such phones by the end of 2016 where not only getting app upgrades are halted but also the feature to send and receive messages.

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