Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Adobe Spark - Its FREE

Adobe Spark is the latest app I've seen that claims to make it easy to do just that. It replaces both Adobe Slate and Adobe Voice, the company's previous creative social apps. Spark consists of a Web app with three main tools—Post, Page, and Video—each with companion mobile apps. The three tools create social memes, mini websites, and narrated tutorials, respectively. In a way, Spark is an attempt to capture lightning in a bottle: Purpose-built viral memes are a tall order. But Spark can serve as a valuable tool for small businesses, bloggers, marketers, and students who want to get a message out with style.

Getting Started
Spark is free for anyone to try at spark.adobe.com you just need an Adobe account or can log in with Facebook or Google account credentials. There's nothing to download or install. The service and apps are free, though the output includes Adobe branding. The apps are of course on the iTunes App Store; Android apps aren't available at this time, but we can expect Adobe to follow its usual course of releasing those later on. I'll focus on the overall service and the Web interface here, with just a quick look at the mobile apps.

Once you're logged into the Spark site, you have three simple choices represented by large, colorful buttons: Post, Page, and Video. Each option has plus sign and a short description. The Post tool is designed to help you create a social meme; Page is for portfolios, catalogs, and info pages; and Video is for tutorials and presentations.

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