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Chromebook embeds office apps, Microsoft

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Chromebook is a laptop, primarily connected to the Internet with most applications and data residing on the cloud platform, which was found in the year 2011. It runs the Linux-based Chrome OS as its operating system. Chrome OS is one of the world’s fastest-growing operating systems. Recently, Microsoft has announced that it is working together with Google to bring its Office mobile suite for Android to the Chrome OS.

A recent survey says that Microsoft office apps are no longer compatible with Chrome OS devices. These apps are said to be independent of Android users (such as Excel, Word, and PowerPoint); they are functional to create edit and share Office files. Most of the users utilise Microsoft Office in a desktop atmosphere. The Android apps are said to be companion apps because of its user-friendly nature. The MS office suite has been available for iOS, Android and Windows 10.

The performance of Android apps on Chromebooks has changed the whole platform for the Office suite of applications. Microsoft office accessing these applications for free in a ‘desktop’ environment would be an adverse one to bottom-line of the product.

Transforming to Chrome OS Developer Channel
If an individual has one of the supported Chromebook and wishes to transform to Chrome OS Developer channel in order to access the Google Play Store, the procedure is too simple. The chrome OS Developer Channel allows one to test some of the advanced features and if any issue arises, it is the responsibility of the user to solve it and proceed on to the next process.

Steps to transform to developer channel on Chrome OS:
Ø The first step is to turn on and unlock Chromebook from the main account.
Ø The second step is to click on the image, which appears in the bottom-right corner of the screen.
Ø The third step is to select ‘Settings’ and from sub-menu select ‘About Chrome OS’
Ø The fourth step is to select the option ‘More info’ from the link that appears in the centre of the screen.
Ø The fifth step is to click on ‘Change Chanel’, which is one of the options available.
Ø The sixth step is select ‘Developer-unstable’; read all the terms and conditions and click ‘Change Channel’.
Ø The final step is rebooted and the user is successful in the process.

Empower the Google Play Store
Not all the Android apps in the Play store will work on Chrome OS platform and even in the case of the apps that do function, there is a chance that a user will run into various issues. If a person has a supported Chromebook of version 53, the Google Play Store has not a proper authorization to appear on the screen. It needs to be enabled by the user. The steps are given below.
Ø  The first step is to turn on and unlock Chromebook from the main account.
Ø The second step is to click on the image, which appears in the bottom-right corner of the screen.
Ø The third step is to select the option ‘Settings’.
Ø The fourth step is to select the option that reads: ‘Enable Android Apps to run on your Chromebook’ under ‘Android Apps’.
Ø The fifth step is to click ‘Get Started’ on the new window.
Ø The sixth step is to click on the checkbox that reads ‘Terms of Service’.
Ø Finally, the Google Play store is enabled and the user can access it whenever he/she wants.
Important Apps to be installed on Chromebook:
By using this app, one can make video calls, voice calls over the internet. The call cost is a cheaper one. But the Skype has been outrun Chromebooks recently. Still, it is possible to install this app on Chromebook using the ARChon method that’s a little bit hacky for regular users.

It is a live-steaming app. One can watch and broadcast live video from all across the globe. People can view the video at any time since this app saves the video streams. The live feeds can be shot from iPhones and watched through mobile phones, desktops or laptops through the app or on Twitter’s site.

This app makes an individual’s life more comfortable and easier by connecting with friends and new folks in a well-organised manner. The folks can, search for jobs and accept people invitations, check the mails etc. It helps to filter the data and can make new connections through discussions. One can read the LinkedIn articles on the LinkedIn site and if the widgets in Chrome OS become a successful one, then this app basically important for all professionals.

This app is a mobile application app also known as the fun app where photos, videos and can be shared and also filters, captions and drawings can be integrated. The updates in this Snapchat are visible only for twenty-four hours and automatically it gets deleted permanently. The folks can save their own snaps and keep in their files and folders.

Kindle App:
This app is an ideal one for the Chromebook users for both in online and offline mode. It lets to an individual to download books and hence save the space in baggage.

Microsoft partnership with Google:
A few years ago, Microsoft has made a coordinated effort to provide cross-platform support for all its applications and services. Chromebooks have always been a strange exception. The consumers of Google’s Chrome OS have been able to access Microsoft’s online products. The Office mobile is free for editing documents on machines with smaller screens.

At present, Google gave a hand to Chrome OS to run Android apps and an authenticated access to the Google Play store. This sudden move increased the value of a Chromebook; hence users were provided with, authorised access to hundreds of thousands of Android apps. Among them, Microsoft’s Office Mobile apps for Android should be available to Chromebook users.

Earlier, some users tried to download Office Mobile on their Chromebooks, got into issues, leading to some consideration that Microsoft was intentionally blocking the apps. But this issue was not accepted by the Google and they have given a statement that they are working with Microsoft to deliver the best experience for Chromebook users and plan to make the apps available on all flexible devices. Any Microsoft office package suits like Word, Excel, PowerPoint, or OneNote runs on Chromebook is an important consideration.

 The Microsoft lets the folks edit the official documents for both small screen and large screen devices. Microsoft understood Chromebook has great influence among the people and their intention is to get even more popular through Chromebook. Microsoft is partnering with Google to ensure that when Chromebook consumers can be able to edit documents, spreadsheets, presentations and taking notes that they are using Office Mobile.

Microsoft has been disrupting all the technological industries. On the other side of the coin, Google is giving a tough competition as well. The office apps were not compatible in the beginning. The company is now aware of the fact that people are going to get Chromebooks. Hence, MS has joined hands with Google to make it venture to reach the heights.

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