Friday, January 20, 2017

Google Drive Outage: Users Experience Slow Load Times When Accessing Docs Stored In Cloud

Google Drive is driving a lot of users crazy this Tuesday. The secure cloud storage and file backup service is apparently experiencing major outage in the U.S., so many users are unable to load their files quickly or not load them at all. 

According to CNET, the Google Drive issue was experienced mainly by U.S. users. The service’s speed when it comes to loading has greatly diminished that some users were unable to access the documents they stored in the cloud. 

Google has already recognized the existence of this outage. On the G Suite Status Dashboard, it is stated there that the problem started around 8:41 a.m. PT. When the issue began, less than 10.3 percent of active users were affected. Google added that it was carrying out an investigation to solve the issue. 

A few hours later, Google stated that the service has already been restored for some of its users. However, the company failed to disclose the estimated percentage of users that were still experiencing the slow load times. 

Amid the outage, many disappointed users took to social media to voice out their concern, as reported by The Next Web. Many people use Google’s service when storing documents for work or for personal use. Google Keep and Google Classroom users were also affected by the problem. Hence, it is not surprising that Twitter became flooded with questions about Google Drive since t

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