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Tips to master Whatsapp along with revealing the apps lesser known features

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WhatsApp is one of the most favored apps globally, which made front news that it was appropriated by Facebook for a staggering $19 billion. Below listed are information regarding WhatsApp's little-known features and with it comes valuable enlightenments to become a pro in WhatsApp.

Customizing  WhatsApp picture messages :
The most recent upgrade to Whatsapp enables users to scribble on and customize pictures prior to sending them. It is done by accessing a conversation and clicking on the camera button near the text-entry field and choosing an image from the listed gallery. Next, any one of the new icons at the top right of the featured screen can be selected to customize and send.

Transmitting Animated GIFs :

The very recent renovation of Whatsapp allows users to send GIFs
In order to transmit a GIF, the + icon has to be tapped giving access to Photo & Video Library where any video at most 6 seconds long are chosen. Further, 3D Touch can be added to the Live photo from photo gallery which when swiped upwards and which ends with finally sending the GIF.
It is also feasible to send a GIF which is copy pasted from Giphy

Tagging individuals in WhatsApp messages:

Now featured is the attribute to tag members of a Whatsapp group to seek their focus even if the conversation is muted. All this is done by entering @ symbol and choosing their name from the displayed list.

Modifying Font in Whatsapp messages :

Whatsapp has ultimately launched the font formatting option in Whatsapp text messages to add the bold, or the italicized or the strikethrough font by adding .

After many years of plain text support, WhatsApp has finally rolled out formatting support, enabling WhatsApp-ers to add bold, italicised and strikethrough formatting options to their messages by adding to both sides of the message a single * symbol or an underscore symbol or a tilde symbol respectively .

Concealing the "Last Seen"  Timestamp:

To disable the feature where individuals can see when the user was last using Whatsapp all they have to do is go to Whatsapp Settings then click on Account, followed by that of Privacy and then Last Seen Timestamp where the option 'Nobody' is chosen.

Deactivating 'Read Receipts' feature:

Similar to the previous section, the users can deactivate the feature which identifies when they read the messages sent by their friends. This is implemented by switching off the 'Read Receipts' option which is accessed by selecting Account in the Settings menu and then choosing Privacy to deactivate the feature.

Saving and Reinstating Whatsapp conversations:

Whatsapp allows its data to be saved for future retrieval in the case something happens to the phone. This is done automatically as well as manually. To do it manually below are the steps:
For iOS users:
1. First access Whatsapp Settings menu
2. Then click Chats
3. Follow it with Chat Backup
4. And finally select 'Back Up Now'
For Android users, the steps to backup are more or less similar to the above, ending with clicking on 'Back Up' to initiate the process via Whatsapp Servers or the user can backup the data with the help of Google Drive
Further, to reinstate the data directly it is done by removing and then reinstalling Whatsapp after which the user will be alerted regarding the very recent backup.

Identifying the person with whom the user interacts the most in Whatsapp:

This feature is available only for iOS users where they can get the numerical metrics regarding the total messages sent and that to each person. This is done by accessing  Settings in Whatsapp followed by that of Account and finally Storage Usage from where the metrics are identified.

Responding to messages through Tablet, PC or Mac:

With the launch of WhatsApp Web, the users can easily access WhatsApp texts through the internet web via either an iPad or PC or Mac. In the case of the latter two, web.whatsapp has to be accessed and the QR code must be scanned via the QR Reader integrated into WhatsApp which permits access to the user's account thru the PC or Mac. This process is slightly varying in the case of iPad users.

Muting pestering and bothering group chats:

To mute chats for days, weeks or years all the user has to do is simply access the particular group chat and click on the name of the chat at the top of the app and  then select mute along with the duration.

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