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Tips In Buying Refurbished Laptops

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There is a huge difference between used and refurbished, although these terms are frequently used interchangeably. When you say refurbished, it means that the product or item has been returned to its manufacturer due to a reported or identified defect. This defect will then be resolved by the vendor before it goes back to the market.

Used Vs. Refurbished

Refurbished items often come with a warranty which won’t likely be available for used ones.  It’s also considered nearly brand new since it only involves a replacement of parts such as buttons, memory, keypad, touch bar, etc.

Is it wise to Buy Refurbished electronics such as laptops?

If you’re a bit on the frugal side or savings is difficult for you, buying refurbished notebooks may be a wise option. Some refurbished laptops have minimal issues which are addressed properly by the manufacturer, meaning when you buy it, it functions as a new one does, and the defect is untraceable. It’s a good deal, in fact, since you’re buying an item less than its original price.

Things to Consider Before Buying a Refurbished Laptop

Before you start hunting for a refurbished notebook, it is important the review policies and buying guides to avoid later regretting your decision. You need to determine what you need a laptop for to get a sense of things like if you are using it for school, always run a Google search for the best laptops for students; it’s the easiest way to help you find a notebook that will fit your needs.

Moreover, it is essential to buy from legit or authorized refurbishers. If you can, avoid buying items from third party vendors to prevent problems or security issues in the long run. Lastly, ALWAYS check for the warranty. Do not buy a refurbished item if it doesn’t include a measure of insurance.

What to Expect when buying a Refurbished Laptop

Physical appearance

Most refurbished laptops show signs of wear and tear since they’re not newly manufactured and may have been previously mishandled The most common would be minor marks on the casing such as scratches caused by handling and a few dents here and there. If you are lucky, there may be no marks at all.

Manage your expectations when buying refurbished, nevertheless, do not accept a refurbished notebook that has cracks on the screen or components that are not working as they should.


Everything should be working fine as if it is brand new. The concept of refurbishing stuff is to get rid of issues or problems, meaning, there’s no reason to become worried whether or not your hardware would work as expected. Perform a test run and carefully inspect the hardware and software of the laptop such as the RAM, motherboard, SD slot, DVD port, keyboard, screen, modem, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth.


The laptop should come with a warranty of at least 30 days to 90 days, depending on the age of the refurbished item. If you need a longer warranty period, you can negotiate with the provider and ask for an extension; even if you have to pay for it.

Customer Support

The seller should have a reliable customer support hotline. Hence, you’ll have someone to talk to in case you encounter problems with your laptop. The customer or technical support team are in charge of answering inquiries, addressing customer concerns and issues and can walk you through the process of fixing your hardware or software issues, in case the need arises.

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