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Hathway - Chennai's Fastest Broadband - Rs 999, 150Mbps, 1TB Data - REVIEW & COMPARISON

High speed broadband internet in India is only catching up with the rest of world. Most are Fibre to the Home (FTTH) connections gives 40Mbps to 200MBps. According to data released by Trai, only 2,80,000 subscribers in India have access to a high-speed fibre optic connection. The average internet speed in India now stands at 4.1 Mbps, according to the latest state of the Internet report by Akamai. India has the lowest peak speeds in the APAC region.

Trai has released region wise data on broadband and narrowband subscription, with details on rural and urban subscribers. The areas designated in the data mostly correspond with the states. The subscribers for Mumbai and Kolkata are mentioned separately, and Uttar Pradesh has been split into east and west. All the North Easter states except Assam are grouped together. There is no granular information available for the North Eastern states. The most connected broadband service areas are Tamil Nadu with 15.35 million subscribers, Maharashtra with 15.13 million, Delhi with 13.02 million, Karnataka with 12.92 million and Andhra Pradesh with 12.11 million. Himachal Pradesh lags behind in terms of connectivity. Click on the image for a bigger version.

Content delivery network Akamai notes in its Q3 2015 State of the Internet report that India, at 2.5mbps, had the lowest average connection speed among ten Asia Pacific countries surveyed in the region. The global leader, South Korea, has an average connection speed of 20.5mbps. USA has about 11.5 Mbps internet speeds as of now. In this article, we’ll check all the companies offering high speed internet plans especially in chennai.

With a growing number of ISPs offering 50mbps at affordable prices, it seems to be a good cutoff point, available at monthly billing plans between Rs. 750 - Rs. 2,000, including taxes. Note that ISPs calculate speed in bits - so a 50mbps speed translates to downloads of 6.25MBps or megabytes per second speeds, which should be ample enough for a family to make video calls, stream movies or music, and download that Windows update simultaneously. 

Here are the fastest wired broadband providers in Chennai We Internet, Hathway, ACT Fibernet, YOU Broadband, Spectranet, Ficus, Cherrinet, Limras and more.

Below comparison, gives the best connections available in Chennai. We Ranked Hathway as RANK #1 based on the performance. Hathway offers 150 Mbps speeds over pure copper cables with a low cost with High data usage. Click on the image for a bigger version.

Comparison was done based on the Price, Speed Test, Data Usage. We took the min of 40Mbps to max of 200Mbps, also the min data usage of 150GB to max of 1000GB and the Price Rs999 to max of Rs4999. Our Team DilipsTechnoBlog have Rated Hathway is the best service provider as per March 2017. 

SpeedTest Results of Hathway

Cable and broadband company, Hathway, has rolled out their Docsis 3.0 network in India. The Docsis 3.0 provides ultra high-speed internet connectivity of 150 mbps. The predominant technology that rules the broadband market in countries like USA, Korea and Europe is now in India.

Hathway has aligned with one of the major visions of the Indian government to develop digital infrastructure in the country that will boost productivity in all sectors." With the new 150 Mbps speed, terms like "video buffering", "slow downloads", "less speed" will soon ride out from the internet lexicon and enable broadband customers to watch high quality movies and live TV shows on multiple devices like smart TVs, PCs, laptops, tablets and mobiles.

Contact : 9884454104 if you need the best connection in Chennai!

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