Friday, March 31, 2017

Making the Best Facebook Ads in MailChimp

Since rolling out Facebook Ad Campaigns a couple months ago, we’ve curated some content to help you learn the basics of Facebook ads and create an effective campaign strategy. It’s not only easy to design beautiful ads in MailChimp that match the style of your brand, but it also saves you time and energy you’d otherwise spend navigating 2 different sites.
But what if you’re not sure how to get started?
Don’t be intimidated. From blog posts to an animated video, we’ve highlighted all the benefits, tips, and best practices for creating Facebook ads in MailChimp. And when you’re ready to build your ad, we’ll walk you through everything you need to know, like targeting an audience and setting a budget.

A greater return on your advertising

If you’ve ever advertised your products on Facebook, you may have felt a little like you’re throwing money into a black hole: You can see how many people look at and click your ads, but it’s hard to tell if those clicks lead to sales.
When you connect your store and create Facebook ads in MailChimp, our comprehensive reporting allows you to track your ROI, first-time customers, total orders, people reached, and more. You’ll know exactly how much money your ads are makingand whether you should refine your marketing strategy to improve their performance.

Find people who look like your best customers

No one knows your target audience better than you, and the list of customers you’ve worked hard to build reflects that. Instead of starting from scratch with Facebook’s targeting options, you can grow your audience using your MailChimp list.
To expand your reach and sell more stuff, you can even create a lookalike audience of people on Facebook who have similar interests to your list of customers. Plus, our segmentation tools and demographic targeting options give you the power to narrow down that audience even more.
Your ads can sell even more stuff when you create an audience from your list, as opposed to using interest and demographic targeting alone. Our data shows that, on average, using your MailChimp list to build an audience more than doubles an ad’s ROI.
So not only does combining your email marketing with Facebook ads add power to your email lists, it also helps your business generate more sales.

Tips for getting started

Facebook Ad Campaigns in MailChimp is a powerful tool designed to help you get the most out of advertising on Facebook. With a simple interface and easy-to-read reporting, you’re not left guessing about how your ads are performing.
But your ads are only as effective as the marketing strategy you have in place. That’s why we published a guide to help you define a Facebook ads marketing strategy that works for your business. It outlines best practices for narrowing down a goal, setting the right budget, and targeting an audience.
If you’re looking for a quicker read, our blog post on creating an effective Facebook Ad Campaign provides helpful tips on targeting an audience and writing good copy.
Ready to get started? Create a Facebook Ad Campaign today.  

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