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12 Women Who Broke The Internet With Their Hotness

Nude photoshoots, celebrity lookalikes or just being ridiculously hot, these women pretty much sent the internet into frenzy. Their impressive booty and stunning looks pushed the internet to the point of breaking it, so it's only legit that these women deserve a separate list altogether. What better time than when the year draws to a close!

You're welcome!

1) Kim Kardashian

The mother of all, the one whose internet-breaking Paper magazine cover led to the coining of the phrase “broke the internet”, stayed naked an awful lot this year. She believes in giving the internet her everything, quite literally, and we definitely are not complaining.

There was this exclusive desert photoshoot which she did for her Kim Kardashian app.


And then there was this nude photoshoot for Love Magazine (Prada) where she was basically chilling at home, on her bed.

© Love Magazine

© Love Magazine

2) Sofia Hayat

This was the time when Sofia followed Kim K's footsteps and bared it all as her way of protest following the porn ban. Bless the girl!

© Twitter

3) Yanet Garcia

Our one and only favourite weather woman, Yanet Garcia, rose to fame and smashed the internet with her very watchable weather reports for a Mexican news channel.

Post which she also released her brand new lingerie video which was nothing short of spectacular!

4) Rita Mattos

Rita Mattos is actually a street sweeper in Rio. But, after photos of her cleaning the streets, on the beach in a bikini and regular off-duty photos began circulating on WhatsApp, Rita was swamped with love notes and many offers of dates. The 23-year-old curvy cleaner was dubbed as the ‘Sweeper Babe' and soon became an internet sensation.

© Facebook

© Facebook

5) Wei Han Xu aka The Taiwan McGoddess

When it wasn't the burgers that had people (read: men) returning to this McDonald's restaurant in Taiwan. It was a wide-eyed, beautiful worker behind the counter who was dubbed as the ‘McDonald's Goddess' after she became an online sensation.


© Instagram

6) Enki Bracaj

Of course who can forget this genius woman, Enki Bracaj, who grabbed the position of an Albanian TV reporter by revealing her breasts during the audition.

© YouTube

7) Kylie Jenner

When Kylie Jenner did this very racy, provocative and cleavage-bearing photoshoot for Galore Magazine soon after she turned 18—the brand new adult in town. Isn't she a splitting image of her sister in these photos?

© Terry Richardson/Galore Magazine

8) Claudia Alende

The equally stunning doppelganger of Megan Fox, Claudia Alende, a 20-year-old from Parana, Brazil became an internet sensation as soon as she was discovered—with a whopping 1.2 million Instagram and 20000 Facebook followers.

© Twitter

Her striking resemblance to the Transformers actress is actually pretty uncanny.
9) Chelsea Marr

And just like Claudia, we had Chelsea Marr, the 24-year-old Scottish beauty that set the internet on fire due to her resemblance with the most stunning actress of the world—Angelina Jolie.

10) Suzy Cortez

And then there was Suzy Cortez, the bombshell who officially has the best bum in Brazil. She was declared the 2015 winner of the Miss BumBum pageant after beating out 15 other Brazilian Fannies at the finale.

11) Mia Khalifa

The one who is the most streamed porn star on Pornhub, the one who started a global outrage and the world hasn't been the same since! The one who broke the internet to an extent that she has now become an unsaid face of the porn world. We thank Mia for being Mia Khalifa.

© Twitter

© Instagram

12) Mandana Karimi

The nation found its new obsession when Iranian beauty and Salman Khan's personal favourite, Mandana, entered the ninth season of Bigg Boss.

We haven't stopped drooling!

© Twitter

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