Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Review - Designcap

Design cap is an online portal that helps you in designing beautiful posters in minutes. This free- to-use portal can be used by anyone to design posters meant for advertising, promotions, invitations, presentations or for personal use.

This simple poster making software comes loaded with thousands of pre-installed templates for your help. All the templates have been professionally designed and have been clubbed under different heads like party, shop, nature, food, festival, music, education, birthday, fashion , etc. so that you can choose one according to your needs. One can easily choose a template that matches one’s style. These can also be altered easily to customize, fonts, colours or the layout. 

Designcap offers the photo feature to let you add photos from the internet or from one’s personal collection. The photos can be cropped, flipped, or layered and can also be adjusted for brightness, contrast, saturation etc. so that you end up with just what you desire. The text option allows the user to select from among a huge variety of fonts and styles. The text too can be customized according to one’s requirements. The clipart feature allows you to add any type of clipart depending upon the theme of the poster. The clipart is also broken up into categories so that choice gets easier and quicker. The background option allows you to design the background using solid colours, gradient colours and even patterned ones. The fully customizable features of deisgncap translates into effortless and professional designing of posters. 

The “undo” and “redo” options right below the poster make it easy to make corrections and adjustments in the designing. Also, a button at the right bottom corner allows you zoom in or out of the poster.

Poster so created using this application can be printed directly, or can be shared on the social media by a simple click of a button. This is easily facilitated by placement of three buttons right at the top of the site. 

The clutter-free interface of the software enhances pleasure of working. The white background ensures that that the poster is laid out distinctly. . One can sign up on the website to receive updates about the features added to the software from time to time. 

This effective and powerful poster making software is completely free to use. You need not be a graphics designer to use its functions. Any person with a basic knowledge of computers can use this software to create beautiful posters without hiring any trained graphics designer to do the job.

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