Thursday, May 17, 2018

T-Mobile is Starting Its Uncarrier Series Over as New T-Mobile on November 7

New T-Mobile has been given a number of the approvals in recent months that it needs in order to become the 3rd mega-carrier in the US. There are still some hurdles to jump over, but that’s not stopping John Legere from doing what he does best: hype sh*t.

On Twitter yesterday afternoon, Legere told us all to mark our calendars because its time for the first Uncarrier event under the “New T-Mobile” name that the T-Mobile-Sprint merger will create. Called “The New T-Mobile Un-Carrier 1.0,” this event will apparently have announcements that are “for good,” as in, permanent. At least that’s our understanding of the line, “This one’s for good.”

I honestly don’t have any guesses as to what that could mean. Uncarrier events have happened in the past and we saw new plans introduced that we also thought might last a long time, only they didn’t. This is the US wireless carrier business and things change all of the time. From new network technologies to new ways to sucker customers into contracts, whatever we see here, like won’t be “for good” good.

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