Wednesday, July 25, 2018

How Businesses Use Instagram Stories – 30 Case Studies (Infographic)

There is nothing more essential to a company’s growth than the power to leverage all kinds of communication available. And, as much as Instagram Stories is still kind of new marketing tool on the scene, its importance can’t be ignored.

With over 300 million daily users, Instagram Stories can expand your reach, promote your brand, boost social engagement, and increase sales. brings up the very intriguing fact that 20% of Stories posted by brands result in direct dealings with users, while 120 million users have engaged with businesses after seeing their Instagram ads.

Instagram Stories can be used in different ways to attain a desired result. Most brands use it to take users behind the scenes for further engagement, launch new products, run ads and campaigns to reach a certain audience.

Influencer takeovers are also welcomed whereby influencers or experts takeover a brand’s Stories for a few days. Businesses have enjoyed a 20% boost in engagement when they held influencer takeovers.

Companies also use Stories to run contests, provide DIY projects and product demonstrations, as well as promote live events or upcoming ones.

For instance, Lowe’s used Stories to run a DIY project in 2017 whereby it showed users how to give a tiny room a makeover. Mac Cosmetics uses them to give a step-by-step demonstration on how its consumers can apply its lipstick, eyeliner, and eyeshadow in order to take better selfies.

Furthermore, Instagram Stories has features that make your marketing campaign easier. These include: hashtags, geotags, stickers, and polls.

Geotagging a post can enable it get selected to run as a location story - these get more visibility, reach, and engagement. In fact, according to the infographic below, Stories with a geotagged location hashtag get 79% more engagement than those without.

Hashtags also make it easy for customers to find your content by increasing your visibility, while stickers make your Stories more engaging, thus drawing more people to watch them and you can use interactive stickers like polls to collect quantitative data.

Moreover, you can add a call-to-action at the end of your Story that can lead followers to your shoppable page, other social platform, or your blog post for more engagement.

For more on why you need to use Instagram Stories and to learn from the brands that are already using this feature, check out the infographic below:

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