Wednesday, December 26, 2018

Fotor - Review

I have been searching for a tool like Fotor for a very long time. I do not have the time to learn photoshop, or the budget to hire a designer for my work, so I have been using online tools to manage my work. Fotor turned out to be ideal with its intelligently built pro-photographer approach to editing and design.

It was user-friendly enough for me to start using almost instantly and has all the features I need to make quick and simple creatives to suit my work. Being able to use fotor on my PC and mobile really makes it a perfect on the go tool and allows me to spend my commute time more constructively.

Fotor also supports RAW file processing, which is really useful for me and I haven't been able to find any other tool for the same price which works this well. I have access to the patented HDR feature even on my mobile, which ensures high definition work is possible even without access to my full setup. This gives me more freedom to step out of my studio and be out and about.

I've also been able to participate in photography competitions organized by Fotor which helped me level up my skills and also motivated me to improve my work through better photo editing. Being able to compete on an international scale has allowed me to really understand what other people are doing, and where I need to go next with my photography and editing. Fotor has given me access to a vibrant and helpful community of photographers like myself, returning many times the value I have invested in it.

Now the Fotor Grand Christmas Giveaway has got me all excited. I'm really hoping I will be able to win the iPhone XS that will be going to a luck lucky winner (hopefully that's me), or at least one of the $650+ prizes that they are waiting to give away. The raffle winner will be announced on the 7th of January and I cannot wait to find out if I won something after this gruelling Christmas and New Year week gets over!

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