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How Education Technology Has Changed the Education System


Innovations have re-shaped the education landscape in recent years. Ten years ago, people viewed a mobile phone as a luxury than necessity; students carried several backpacks full of textbooks when returning to school. But today things have changed. Education technology has made things easier for parents, teachers, and students. This technology has affected the education landscape significantly. Today learning is more fun than it used to be a few decades ago. Technology is a major tool that has helped to increase teacher-student engagement. This article will define education technology, its disadvantages as well as `advantages you wanted to know.

What is Education Technology?

Education technology (also known as edtech) can be defined as an ethical practice and study of improving performance and facilitating learning using technological resources and processes. Almost all educators agree that technology has revolutionized learning and teaching process.

Ways How Edtech has Changed Education Landscape

iPad Programs

Education has changed the classroom setting to make it more lively and fun. The backpacks are now lighter courtesy to the introduction of iPads in classrooms. These iPads help students to consolidate their learning materials in one place while remaining lighter and efficient.

Communication Evolution

Students are now able to communicate effectively using the various social networks available like Google Hangouts, Facebook, and Twitter among others. Education technology also helps students comprehend concepts better because of the visual presentation in the form of videos or projections that are availed to them.

EBooks are on the Rise

Traditional teaching methods embraced the use of textbooks to make students grasp fundamental concepts. But nowadays, eBooks are becoming more common in the classroom environment. Students will not be required to carry heavy backpacks full of textbooks in the future.

No more Writing of Notes

In a modern classroom environment, teachers will no need to dictate notes to their students. This is yet another way of how education has altered the education landscape.

No More Chalkboard

Much emphasis has been put on interactive gaming to help in boosting the child �s learning ability. Every day, new web-based tools and programs are introduced to help them grasp new concepts.

Makes Foreign Language learning easier

Various online tools help students learn new foreign languages with ease compared to the conventional methods. Students can interact with other students from the native countries who will assist them understand the new language easier. They start to feel the effects of globalization right in the classroom environment.

Disadvantages of Education Technology

Education Technology can be a Distraction

Education experts have found out that students tend to learn less when they use their tablets or computers. You need to create guidelines and expectations for students to help them achieve good results.

Education technology foster cheating both in assignments and in the classroom

While students have always looked for ways to cheat, education technology makes it easier for them; from copying-and-pasting other students to hiring essay writers to do assignments for them at a fee. These are some disadvantages that make education technology less effective for both learners and teachers. If you

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