Thursday, January 10, 2019

Nest Secure, Abode Iota, and ADT Command: Home Security Systems

Nest Secure

Are you a devoted DIY enthusiast? Are you okay with skipping professional monitoring services for a system that you don’t have to pay for every month? Nest has one of the best solutions on the market for those who are already comfortable with managing their own smart homes.

Nest Secure provides a hub with a motion sensor and a satellite Nest Detect sensor for guarding windows, doors, and other areas. There is also a separate Tag device that lets people or pets pass by the sensors without setting them off. Buy as many sensors as you need, add some Nest cameras, and put together your own system. But keep in mind the initial costs for buying Nest devices can be high.

Abode Iota

While the first-generation Abode security starter kit didn’t wow us on quality, we found it to be a solid budget pick, with a versatile assortment of sensors, extensive third-party device support, and simple controls. Abode Iota is the company’s latest starter kit, boasting sleek lines and smart device control. This time around, the boxy base station has been replaced by an altogether groovier design, packing a 1080p security camera, motion sensor, and 93-decibel siren. A mini door/window sensor and key fob controller are included in the kit, with a plethora of additional sensors and cameras available to build out your system.

Unlike competitors that focus purely on security, Abode Iota also serves as a smart home controller. Device support is extensive, with Abode’s proprietary SecureRF radio, Zigbee PRO, Z-Wave, and Wi-Fi onboard for connecting up to 160 sensors and devices, while partnerships with Yale, Kwikset, Hue, Ecobee, Philips Hue, and others increase its credibility as a smart home hub.

While it lacks the premium polish of systems like Nest Secure, at just $229, Abode Iota is a capable, versatile and good-value choice for securing your smart home.

ADT Command

ADT remains one of the most traditional and trusted home security brands on the market and has been dabbling with smart home platforms since the launch of ADT Pulse way back in 2010. While last year’s collaboration with Samsung SmartThings was somewhat of a disappointment, the company’s new ADT Command platform has loftier ambitions.

Like Abode Iota, ADT Command is designed to manage your entire smart home, including its security. A 7-inch wireless touchscreen panel sits at the heart of the platform, supporting 250 third-party smart home devices like thermostats, lights, and doors as well as ADT’s own home security hardware. There’s support for remote device control from ADT’s new mobile app, home automation scenes and geofenced actions, triggering lights and unlocking your front door, for example, as you approach your home.

As you’d expect from ADT, a range of 24/7 professional monitoring plans are available for added protection and peace of mind. It’s unlikely to be the cheapest choice, but ADT’s refreshed smart home security platform looks like a safe bet for those that prefer to spend their money with established operators.

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