Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Pixel and Pixel XL will get its last update in December

One of the perks of owning a Nexus device back in the days was the pure, unadulterated Android experience straight from Google as well as a regular and steady supply of updates faster than any OEM could muster. That, fortunately, carried over to the Pixel line but not even Google could keep the software updates coming forever. It doesn’t need to be forever but every extension is more than welcome and that is exactly the news that OG Pixel and Pixel XL owners are now reading, courtesy of Google.

Google set a two-year period for providing Android updates to its Pixel phones which, considering the annual cycle, translates to two major Android version updates only. On paper, the very first Pixel and Pixel XL reached their end of life last year. Google surprised faithful fans by actually upgrading the now three-year-old phones to Android 10 as well.

It’s now doing the same for security updates, which were promised for three years upon launch. That was October 2019 for the Pixel and Pixel XL so it was no surprise really that the two weren’t included in the November updates announced just yesterday. But surprise, surprise they will get one last update, too.

Google told The Verge that an update is actually being prepared for the OG Pixel that will come in December. This will include a variety of updates, which hints that Google is picking out only the things that apply to the phones. That could also suggest that it will the phones’ last hurrah.

While a magnanimous move in a market notorious for “planned obsolescence”, Google could also be making other Pixel owners a tad jealous. The OG Pixel is setting a precedent and Pixel 2, 3, 3a, and 4 owners might very complain about not receiving a similar extension when the end draws near.

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