Thursday, August 1, 2019

Chrome OS Virtual Desks, Click-to-Call now available on some Chromebooks

With the new PixelBook Go, Google is positioning Chromebooks as the ultimate productivity computer, especially on the go. It may not always feel that way considering the missing features and software on Chrome OS. Fortunately, just like the browser on which it is based, Chrome OS is constantly and regularly evolving and the latest update brings new features that promise to take users’ productivity to the next level.

Virtual desktops have been around as far back as the 90s with Amiga, UNIX/Linux, and even OS/2 operating systems. It only became trendy recently with Apple adding it to Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard and Microsoft implementing it in Windows 10. Now it’s Chrome OS’s turn to give users more desktop space, virtually, of course.

Virtual Desks (not “Desktops”) is basically a way for Chromebook users to organize their projects into separate areas without cluttering up their screens. Of course, this is based on the presumption that users will have that many apps and windows to make such an organizational tool necessary. Either way, the updated Overview screen now lets users create and switch between Virtual Desks with ease.

That’s not the only new feature of course. Perhaps a bit more useful to most users is the click-to-call function that lets you simply click on a phone number in Chrome on the Chromebook to immediately send that number to your Android phone. Of course, this requires you to have an Android phone that has Chrome installed and signed into your Google account.

We live in the digital age but there’s really no escaping paper. When you do need to print, Google promises an almost magical experience by instantly listing compatible printers when you hit Ctrl + P, no setup required. You can even set one of those as your default printer if you love sending files to it that much.

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