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These 6 Tricks Will Boost Facebook Conversions

These 6 Tricks Will Boost Facebook Conversions

Are you thinking about enhancing your marketing strategy? When it comes to paid social marketing, Facebook advertising leads the way. That’s why, if you’re unfamiliar with the platform, partnering with a Facebook marketing agency could be so lucrative. 

As of Q1 of 2018, Facebook has 2.19 billion monthly active users - that’s a lot of eyeballs. And when it comes to ads, Facebook is by far the most popular social channel, with 93% of social media advertisers using the platform

For businesses, Facebook offers a great opportunity to see real success. Some companies have seen a 55% increase in sales revenue in six months and others have earned 2X return on ad spend with one campaign

How can you build your own success story? Here are 6 easy ways to get started: 

1. Use Different Ad Formats
Marketing tactics are constantly evolving, so what worked a couple of years or even months ago may not work today. Instead of using a single image for your ads, think about experimenting with video. 

Facebook receives over 4 billion views per day. When it comes to sales, shoppers that watch branded videos are 1.8x more likely to make the purchase.

Be sure to keep your video under 15 seconds, as people prefer shorter content. Also, include captions. Many viewers won’t have the sound on, so you will want to get your message across with subtitles. 

2. Use Landing Pages
You want your video to direct consumers somewhere, so be sure to create a landing page that is cohesive to the video you have produced. Doing so will allow you to further tailor your message to the audience you are targeting. As a result, expect your conversions to increase. 

3. EMOJIS ❤️ 
Studies have shown that using emojis increases engagement, so you should consider using them in your copy. But, make sure they align with your brand, messaging, and product you’re selling. 

Emojis evoke an emotional response from people and offer a more personal touch, so use them with sincerity and be clever. 😉

4. Stand Out
With so many brands using Facebook to advertise, you need to find a way to stand out amongst the crowd. What has been known to catch consumer attention in ads is using high contrast, bold colors or light colors on a white background. 

Keep in mind that certain colors appeal more to men than women, while others represent certain emotions or can call forward different feelings. To find what works best for your audience, test a variety of creative options to find the perfect fit. 

5. Social Proof
We live in a world that values the opinions of others. With the popularity of sites like Yelp and Amazon rating things based off of individual user reviews, you have the chance to use this to your advantage. 

Build confidence in your product or service by including social proofs. Real customer and/or influencer testimonials will help potential consumers trust your brand. If you have any press, quotes of support from reputable publications are also effective.

6. A Killer Headline
Many people will not get past reading the headline of your ad, so make it snappy! Facebook recommends using 25 characters or less, so you have to grab your audience very quickly. 

You can do this by asking a question, solving a problem, or using command words that elicit an action - “grab,” “try,” or “come” are all good options here.

By incorporating these six hacks, your Facebook advertising strategy will be up and running in no time! 

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