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Top 10 Hacking Series | A Hacker Can Watch In 2020

Famous Hacking Series – A Hacker Can Watch

Digital Entertainment industry is a multi-billion-dollar industry. This industry has seen massive growth in the past decade. We all love binge-watching web series, dramas, sitcoms. Don’t we?

Watching web series and digital media is so much fun. With multiple genres to choose from, this entertainment media has grasped everyone’s attention. From romantic to science fiction, there’s a series for everyone.

But is there any genre for hackers and computer background people? Is there any source of media that can show the real side of computer geeks? Is there a show or web series that attracts people without making them bored?

Yes, we got plenty of them in this article. So below is the list of top 10 Hacking Series, which you will love a lot and surely binge watch it.

Top 10 Hacking Series

1) Mr. Robot

The top-ranked series and every hacker’s favorite! This series focuses on a computer programmer and a cyber geek named Elliot, who is a computer professional by day and a cautious hacker by night.

Elliot seems to be followed by an older man, namely Mr. Robot, who is said to be the leader of the dark cyber army. Mr. Robot wants to take down corporate America, including the company of Elliot, which Elliot gets to work for morally.

Elliot’s personal beliefs resist him from taking these multinational corporations, but he realizes that these corporations are running and running the whole world.

2) Silicon Valley

This series features five young programmers who start a start-up in Silicon Valley for making money, namely Pied Piper. The storyline is hilarious, and a comedy genre is represented in the series. This show started in 2014 and still has an excellent response to date.

3) The I.T. crowd 

This is a funny show because it’s the show of three staff members who work within the I.T. department of a corporation. Therefore, the head of the department who knows nothing about I.T.

This web series features many laughter and a lot of jokes inside their story for tech lovers. The storyline is between two computer nerds who work in the department of the I.T. department for a fictional company, namely ‘Reinhold Industries’.

A twist in the plot comes when a new Head of Department, who has no technical knowledge about computers interferes with the issues of labor with people above within the company and thru life generally.

4) Person of Interest

This is a story of how wealthy programmers and ex-assassin, who saved lives with the assistance of a surveillance A.I. which sends them the identification of the civilians involved in impending rhymes.

The synthetic intelligence predicts the events before they happen. A billionaire programmer and an ex-CIA agent team to stop crimes before they happen by using a human-made Intelligence referred to as “The Machine.”

At an equivalent time, they need to survive being hunted by the govt and protect The Machine in the least costs.

5) Chuck

This is the story of a computer geek Chuck who downloads the entire server of state secrets into his brain and becomes the vital and extraordinary spy of the govt.

The C.I.A. and the N.S.A. assign two agents to guard him. During this story, he dates the first time with a partner who is additionally our top spy named Sarah.

6) Halt and Catch Fire 

This web series is predicated on the private computer Revolution, and it’s running successfully from 2014.

7) C.S.I.:Cyber 

Avery Ryan who is a cyber agent works to solve and resolve mysteries crimes as a Cyber Psychologist who works for the F.B.I.

It is a story of a secret agent who works to resolve crimes as cyber physiologists for the F.B.I. Avery Ryan solves many Internet-related crimes like hacking, blackmailing, and cyber theft.

This web series ended in 2016, but the producers are thinking of making another part of it.

8) Scorpion 

Scorpion is predicated on the lifetime of Walter O’Brien, a genius with an I.Q. of 197. A genius forms a world network of super-geniuses.

Walter heads up a gaggle of geniuses who are asked to figure with Homeland Security Agent Cabe Gallo. Their talents and gifts help them altogether sorts of situations, but they need trouble getting alongside one another.

9) Black Mirror 

Over the last decade, technology has converted almost every prospect of a human’s life-giving us no time to prevent and ask about it.

Within every home, every desk and in every hand, there is an IoT device, which is the black mirror of our 21st Century existence.

10) Betas 

During this series, A bunch of geeks comes up with a social networking app to seek out people you ought to know. The television program displays Silicon Valley and its competitive life.

In Silicon Valley, the proper algorithm can cause you to a king.

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