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Overall Best Pick
  • 18W fast charging
  • Two-way fast charge
  • Intelligent power output

Xiaomi has been launching electronics products in India right and left in every segment.

The Mi PLM10IZM is the power bank offering from Xiaomi which succeeds its much-praised Mi Power bank 2.

Battery Capacity

Equipped with a Lithium – Polymer 10,000mAh battery pack, the Mi PLM10IZM has an actual output capacity around 7000mAh.

The outer case is made of anodized aluminium that can withstand a couple of falls without affecting the functionality of the power bank.

Hardware Features

This power bank comes with two output ports that support fast charging supplying power up to rated amperage of 2.4A.

Two-way quick charge support ensures that along with charging your device quicker, the power bank itself can be charged faster from an external power source.

Surge Protection

Xiaomi has implemented various measures to protect the internal circuit from surges and overheating of the components.

A 4 LED battery level indicator helps you to determine the state of charge on the power bank.

The Mi PLM10IZM budget power bank supports 18W fast charging which no other devices in its segment possess.

This means that if you have a compatible fast charger with you, you can juice up the power bank much quicker, in less than half of what it takes to top up with a conventional charger.

Since manufactured locally, the taxes are low and this lets Xiaomi price the power bank very aggressively.

Priced at Rs.899, The Xiaomi Mi PLM10IZM is the overall best power bank available right now in India.

  • Anodized aluminium chassis
  • 9-layer circuit chip protection
  • Slim and lightweight


Battery Capacity 10,000 mAh
Output Ports2

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