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Top Web Development Trends You Need to Know in 2020

News technologies and trends come and go every year. As a web development company, it is important to adhere to those trends and technologies to create and deliver websites that are on-demand. The world is fast-phasing towards many new advancements and technologies, and if web development companies do not keep with new changes, then the consumers will go for alternative services, affecting the business. Here are some of the latest trends in web development that are prevalent in this year of 2020. 

Including Chatbots 

Chats bots are the way to connect with the customers daily without being intrusive or annoying. If customers need any quick help or suggestions, they can easily use chatbots to convey their message and problems. The chatbots will guide the customers in many things like helping them by answering queries and guiding them if they cannot find what they want on the website. They serve as the extended, easily accessible customer service to users. 

Progressive Web Applications (PWA) 

Web applications are essential for the business to reach a wider audience, the web applications are nothing but websites that act similar native mobile apps like having push notifications and offline access. 

We all know that most of people have easy access to mobile devices than the desktop or tablets, and this is the reason why progressive web applications are essential for your business development. Therefore to survive in the mobile dominated market, web applications are the way to go. 

AMP is an Essential Trend 

The AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) is also an essential trend that is needed for businesses to boost their websites in the smartphone dominated market. The AMP enables the websites to adjust to the different mobile devices and smoothly load the web pages within seconds. 

The Google algorithm also prefers mobile-friendly websites, therefore boosting your website in the search engine result page. Having AMP web page will gain you an advantage in SEO and makes your website more visible than the non-AMP sites. 

Responsive Websites 

The responsive website design is not a new trend in the web development industry. It has been here for quite a long time and still relevant in 2020. The responsive design enables good user experience and enhances the entire web session for the users. 

The responsive design allows your website to be compatible with various devices such as desktop, laptop, mobile phones and so on. This aspect is absolutely crucial in web development for a website to be user-friendly. If you do not have a responsive website in 2020, then approach a good web development company to make it responsive as soon as possible. 

Attractive Motion User Interface 

Attractive and compelling web design always catches the user’s attention. Therefore, stand-out from the competitors by incorporation motion UI into your website. The motion UI enables the designers to integrate beautiful motion animations and graphics into the website. Gone are the days of boring web designs; the motion UI libraries are the future. For now, it works very well with any JavaScript-based frameworks. 

Wrapping up, the above are the top 5 web development trends that are thriving in 2020, and there are still many more trends like AI-powered bots, push notification in web apps and use of artificial intelligence and machine learning for advanced web development.

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