Friday, May 22, 2020

2020 Technology Trends in Application Development

The mobile app development has rapidly grown into an enormous industry with different kinds of application development. Nowadays, applications come with so many integrated technologies like artificial intelligence, IoT and machine learning, making the apps so advanced and sophisticated. 

The goal of any business is to make the application successful. But what does success mean to people? Experienced mobile app developers will know that app download is not the ultimate goal, but user engagement and user retention are two long term goals that everything business wants to accomplish success. To do so, we need compelling applications integrated with advanced technologies so that your applications are thriving in the long run. Here are some trends that will shape the mobile apps in 2020. 

Use of Virtual Reality 

The virtual reality has been around for a long time in the mobile app development industry. But it has not been yet used to its full potential because of some limitations and constraints. But with technologies growing every day, it is now possible to integrate mobile applications with VR. This VR technology can be potentially used in the healthcare sector, online shopping, and the advertisement sector and even in the educational industry. 

The Network Speed- 5G 

The 5G is going to be revolutionary and will bring tremendous changes in how mobile applications are going to work. Many technologies or features are not implemented in the mobile app because of the net speed constraints. But with the introduction of the 5G will improve visual quality and data transfer speed enabling more sophisticated and complex applications. But choosing a good mobile app development company is also vital to develop such robust apps. 

IoT- Use of Beacon Technology 

Using Beacon technology is the most effective way to impress and influence your audience, especially if you own retail stores or restaurants/cafes. These devices allow the business to notify offers, services and products to your mobile applications if you enter the beacon area. So customers can notice your stores when they are near them and avail any services or offers instantly. Both the businesses and customers can profit from beacon technology if appropriately developed by a good app development company. 

Next big thing- Instant applications 

There are so many new updates and advancements happening in the mobile app industry every day. So businesses need to update their existing applications to match those requirements, but this requires a lot of memory space from the users. How do we solve this problem? 

Here comes the instant application where users do not have to download the application to use the app. Instead, they act like web applications in mobile app format and resemble native app performance. Users can simply click the link and open up the application to avail the services, and this saves a lot of memory on the phone. The instant apps are deemed as the next big thing that will transform the mobile app development industry. 

By wrapping up, new technologies are essential to keep up with the latest trends and market requirements. The mobile app development companies should be well-equipped and knowledgeable to develop these applications. So, it is crucial to choose the best app development company in Pune like DreamWorth to build and launch versatile mobile apps with the use of latest technologies and tools.

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