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Google Adsense - How to Maximize the visibility & getting users to click?

Google Adsense - How to Set your ads to Her Internet users to click?
3.1 Format of ads: "Decorate" your ads to success! How do you want your ads? "Banners? "Skyscrapers? "Rectangles? Pictures? And as to the colors of the edges and bottom? The choices can be overwhelming. So...
Its Internet Users to click? 

5.1 Placement of Ads: Where to put ads?
The position is critical. First of all, the best ad of the world
will be equal if not visible. However, after many
Experiments with Google AdSense, I noticed that ads
most visible is not always the most effective. In fact, it is likely that
look "cheeky ads and why people ignore them.
What works is the intelligent placement. Put your ads where
your content is most likely to interest visitors and
draw your attention.
You can create multiple "foci of interest" if you use graphics, tables and other
intelligent design techniques.
Once you've gotten the attention of your visitors with content
attractive and relevant, it is more likely to read and click on the ads
appropriate. And this is exactly what Google wants: clicks "cults" that
coming from real prospects, not random visits from people
Here are some simple tips to get clicks
your ads. 
5.2 Follow the "current" 
Identify the reading patterns of your visitors. What draws them
attention first? What prompts them to click?
As I said before, you must put your ads on areas
attract visitors for their interesting content. It makes no sense
placing ads in some little corner where nobody looks.
Your visitors will continue its content and this requires that your ads
take their content too.

Look at the layout and design of your site, identify the most visited sites
for its Internet-these are the places to put their ads.
In fact, Google offers a pretty great tool to help
to identify the most likely places to look at their visitors. His
"Heat map" is in
https: / / and
sums up all the options:

5.3. Above the bend 

There is a general rule in the scope of the Internet according to which Internet
will spend most of your visit "above the fold."
The first thing people do when they visit a Web site is to absorb as much
information as possible before you scroll down the page.
We refer to the page you see without having to
scroll down as the "above the fold."
In that part has to place their ads.
The number of links available above the fold will influence the
likely to receive clicks on your AdSense ads. Therefore, it is
always think that the more accurate ads to put more money
Google always puts the top-paying ads and least
paid down.
If you have a stack of three or more ads, you may pay the least
draw attention to the detriment of more pay and groceries to your site
It's better than no competition between the advertisements and links. If you want
increase their earnings per click, remember that "Less is More!" in
particularly above the fold.
I propose that we look at two examples of websites:

Now guess which of these two sites has a clickthrough rate more
high ... It is actually the second. Your CTR is trez
times higher than the first. What is the moral of the story? If you want
maximize their clicks, have little choice to offer its visitors in the
part just above the crease. 
5.4 Use Table 
I have explained earlier that one of the principles to achieve a
High CTR is a blending ads with website. How much
most are mixed with your page, better clickthrough achieved. A
clever way to achieve this effect is to place ads
in tables.
In the following example, the technology expert Chris Pirillo puts
ably in a <table> ads. AdSense ads appear
orderly and attractive and thus become a new focus.

Visit the site to see better how

Want the same result with your Web site?
Dave Taylor ( offers this simple code that allows
create a table with left alignment containing ads
AdSense. You simply paste this code where you want to place their
Very easy!
Table with alignment left AdSense ads containing:
<table border="0" align="left"> <tr> <td>
Google AdSense code is placed here
</ td> </ tr> </ table>
Table with alignment right AdSense ads containing:
<table border="0" align="right"> <tr> <td>
Google AdSense code is placed here
</ td> </ tr> </ table>
5.5 Links 
So far I have spoken of where to place the ads: I
recommended above the fold, with little competition and suggested that
could be placed on a table. But you also have to think in
Ad type who likes to get and at what place.
AdSense Link units let you put on your website a box
containing four or five links, and is available in several
sizes from 20 x 90 to 200 x 90. The best place to place are
the side menus.
Because you can put a link unit in addition to three
ad units, it may be helpful to have this option: if a user does not
is nothing to be interested in a type of block, maybe it will be something
interesting otherwise.
AdSense ties differ from other types of ads to the extent
they do not teach the ads themselves but are composed of a list of
Google considers issues related to the content of your website. When
visitantee one clicks on an item, it opens another window where you can
display Google ads related to that topic.
It is conceivable that link units are ineffective because the
Internet users must click twice for you to collect. Is
true that only charges for the second click (but that lets you check
what ads offered to their users.)
However, one can also think that if someone takes the time to
click on an item, you are very interested and so is
likely to click on an ad on the next page. According to some
people, all visitors who click on a link also AdSense
click on the ads that appear on the next page.

I tried the links at several sites and have had very
different in each case. It is hard to say whether it will work with your site
or not.
First, put links in a rather informative site with a
rather general public. I got nothing special. Say the
CPM was enough to pay a large candy bar.
On the other hand, I placed links on a site dedicated to a specific product
with a limited audience. The results were fantastic! I got a CPM
than it could gain someone working in a restaurant
fast food all day.
The conclusions are obvious. If you want to use link units, has
that place:
1. In a place dedicated to a specific focus of interest. A site
usually receive general announcements and a few clicks.
2. Above the fold with few links and more. This is crucial for
ties: if your visitors click, do so on a link (in
link here) that you would bring money.
It'sa good idea to keep your link units to sites whose words
key pay much. If a web surfer arrives at your site in search of a
product or information on a keyword that pays a lot, often
An example:

so that their ties are mixed with your Web site.
I mentioned, Chris Pirillo's site, as a
excellent model for implementing AdSense. Although not accessible to
your AdSense statistics, I have enough time analyzing their sites
as to assume that is very successful.
On the central column of your page, it is the traditional way
placing the ads: Pirillo uses a medium or large rectangle with
blue links, black text and URLs discreet. The ads are located
rather in the middle of the page and flush right. The
Visitors begin at the left and drift to the right. My tests
have also shown that ads placed on the right are more
Use a skyscraper 120 x 600, which is generally not recommended although many
People use them in the side menus. Pirillo has used all their imagination
and used the empty space next to his cartoons on this page.

been astute align right and put the skyscraper on the
center of the page.
But look where their adSense links in the column on the left,
top, above the fold. This means that the first thing you see are the
Google ads. If such links are appropriate to AdSense
Site content may generate a clickthrough rate of 1% -2%. If
have space in your sidebar menu and can fit there, I you to
5.6 horizontal link units 
Google has recently introduced a new format block
AdSense links: horizontal format. This is a huge difference
as users of the new format have managed to increase
clickthrough rates up to 200%!
The stacking of the links above should link lists
but draws too much attention when placed within the text. In
Instead, agree very well horizontal ad sites
composed of articles that blend perfectly.
Figure 5.6 The new horizontal link units are right to be inserted
in articles and also clearly highlight the keywords that your
Web site generates.
Standards are maintained, so it can only put a block of
AdSense links per page and the Internet have to click twice
for you to collect. But really worth it crept into
of a long article. I recommend that are placed on top of the article or
within but not down where they could easily ignore.

5.7 Using Multiple Ad Units 
So Google allows to be put up to three ad units
AdSense on the same page and one link unit and AdSense
search box. What does this mean for Web publishers?
A real bonanza!: Now has many more possibilities
"Hook" to readers through new ads because the ads
of each block are always different.
To enhance this opportunity, think about adding new content to the
sites receive more traffic. You can use attractive graphics that load
quickly to entice surfers to scroll down. By
example, bold graphics and relevant could be a good way
attract visitors to a listing. A B2B website (transactions
between companies known to one another) could offer every day a story that
with a humorous address the issues and news concerning
business. You can place your ads just below the comic for
be seen immediately.
This strategy will maximize the visibility of the blocks AdSense, which
produce more clicks and therefore more money!
With multiple ad units, you decide where best to place
each type of ad you want to provide on its website.


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