Sunday, May 29, 2011

Sphero – Robotic ball controlled with the iPhone

Sphero was created by robotics lovers, types with PhDs, but you'd never know it just to play with it — it all seems so simple and fun. And that's OK: that's what the creators behind it want you to have with this ball controlled by an iPhone.
Inside the basic-looking, baseball-sized ball are some high-tech elements, including Bluetooth and a wireless induction charger. On the iPhone, the software lets you change the color of Sphero or control its movementup to 80 feet away. Just crazy stuff from some serious thinkers!!
You can't buy Sphero yet — the developers hope to have it out late this year. But for now, have a ball watching it in action.
Heres a live demo of the Sphero -- a robotic ball that can be controlled with the iPhone / iPad. You can find the video demo after the break.

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