Thursday, September 29, 2011

Best To-Do List Manager Online - Remember the Milk


Remember The Milk is the best online to-do list manager available today. Its clean blue and white design is stunning in its simplicity. RTM is speedy; I hardly ever need to reload the page thanks to their advanced use of AJAX. RTM is replete with shortcuts for incredibly fast adding and editing of tasks. RTM is no simplistic Ta-Da list clone. With RTM I can not only assign due dates, repeating tasks, tags, locations and notes, but I can also get notified via Jabber, GTalk, AIM, SMS or email of my pending items. Best of all, RTM is free of charge and well-supported. New features are added all the time.

How to Get Started with RTM – Fast!

Getting started is quick and painless. Just fill out a brief form at Once you’re logged in, navigate to the Tasks screen.

Shortcuts Make Adding a Task Effortless

To add a task, just type t on your keyboard and start typing. If you have a lot of text to add, type y to add a note to your task. After you have saved the note, you can type d to set a due date and f if you want to create a recurring task.

For example, typing f and ‘monthly’ will give you a task that recurs every month. Add tags to your task with the s key. RTM automatically creates a tag cloud from your tags. Link your task to a url with the u shortcut.

Mark a Task as Completed

Once you have completed a task, just click on it and use the shortcut c to mark it completed.

Limitless Notification Options

RTM will notify you of upcoming tasks via Jabber, GTalk, AIM, ICQ, GaduGadu, MSN, Yahoo IM, Skype, email or even SMS. With RTM you’ll find it impossible to forget your important to-do items.

RTM Facilitates Working in Teams

With RTM you’re not limited to working alone. You can designate other RTMers as contacts, setup groups, share to-do items and send and receive to-do items. RTM makes working as a team a breeze.

RTM Works with your Existing Tools

RTM includes an Atom and iCal feed for each of your to-do lists and for all lists together. The iCal feeds work with all the usual clients, including and Sunbird.

You can now also see your tasks on your Google homepage, or even manage them with Google Calendar.
You can also add single tasks or import whole lists via email.

The Competition Doesn’t Come Close

RTM has plenty of competition, including Ta-Da List, Share File, Voo2do and many more but none of them come close to RTM’s elegant mix of simplicity and features.

Other Useful Features

Other useful features include:
  • Tag Cloud: RTM automatically generates a tag cloud from the tags you assign your tasks.
  • Locations: Assign your tasks to locations and integrate with Google Maps.
  • Smart Lists: Dynamically create new task lists of all overdue tasks, or of all tasks located in a certain place, or of all tasks tagged with ‘urgent’.
  • Localization: RTM is available in 18 languages.
  • Weekly Planner: Print out an attractive weekly planner of your upcoming tasks.


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