Thursday, December 8, 2011

New T-Shirt Gadget produces energy from Sound and charge cell phone

orange sound charge 1 Sound Charge: the t shirt that gadget produces energy from the noise and charge cell phone
Producing energy from clothing is not new, the bikini made of ‘micro’ solar panels, nano technology to clothing, to the gadgets super fiber. Following this line, now the Orange British telephone company, already known for throwing the boots that recharges mobile phones, has introduced Sound Charge, a T-shirt that converts sound into electrical energy.

This innovation, re-born from the collaboration with experts in the renewable energy GotWind, is combining experiments on clothing “energy” to the recent craze for iPhone and all the accessories that will revolve around.
sound charge 2 Sound Charge: the t shirt that gadget produces energy from the noise and charge cell phone
Wearing Sound Charge will be possible to recharge their device for free, simply by using the energy of the sounds that surround us, captured using a piezoelectric sensor. With a simple gesture, such as to place the phone in the breast pocket of the T-shirts, we can ensure a proper supply of energy: Sound Charge will be able to produce 6 watts / hour in two days, just as much as to load even a smartphone.

Technically, the insert “charge-iPhone” is a mobile size of an A4 sheet that functions as a microphone, while the sound waves pass through a layer of compressed quartz crystals. The electricity that is produced is stored in an internal battery and transmitted to the phone via a cable interchangeably.

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