Thursday, December 8, 2011

USB Water purifier

SteriPEN USB The water purifier USB: gadget ideal for traveling

A must for your gadgets geek traveler, SteriPEN UV Water Purifier Freedom is a water purifier USB which draws energy from the universal port to sanitize drinking water using UV. It appears as a sort of large flash memory USB connector on one side and the other special ends. He dives into the water to be purified and SteriPEN takes care of removing all contaminants to ensure that every glass of water “suspect” is not expensive…

The intestinal problems are the worst enemy of the traveler and if you are not sure of the quality of water you are drinking there is nothing better than a purifier. Version 2.0 is SteriPEN Freedom, which can be connected to computer or any other compatible device via USB to recharge your batteries.

Then bombard the liquid with the UV to eliminate unwanted germs and bacteria. More compact than a Brita fultro, SteriPEN UV Water Purifier Freedom acts in less than a minute going to eliminate the 99.9 percent of external elements.

The cost of these Gadgets for the outdoors is $ 120 or about 85 euros at the exchange rate and is available immediately by clicking in the source. However, for the curiosity aroused by his presentation the official site has long been unavailable.

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