Tuesday, April 24, 2012

$50 Million worth Free Ads for Video Adwords - Google Giveaway

Google's auction-style advertising to the world of online video was expected ever since Google purchased YouTube in October, 2006.

Google is giving away $50 million in free Google AdWords advertising in an effort to encourage 500000 new businesses to try video advertising.

With AdWords for Video, advertisers pay only when their video is viewed; since viewers have to choose to watch the video, that ensures an interested audience.

The system offers four types of placement:
In-stream (including pre-, mid-, and post-roll, with an opt-out option after five seconds)
In-search (in the viewers' search results)
In-display (showing against similar content)
And in-slate (the viewer chooses which ad to view while watching longer-form content). Video ads can show on YouTube or the Google Display Network.

AdWords for Video offers targeting options, so that advertisers can select the group they want to reach. They can target based on demographics, interests, and keywords. They can also choose to display an overlay ad on top of their video, giving more information or prompting an action.

The advertising system ties in with Google's existing analytics tools, so advertisers can monitor performance and make changes, if needed.

Google is offering a simple five-step setup guide for new customers. The steps include linking to an account, creating a campaign, creating an ad, creating a group to target, and then measuring the campaign's performance.

For more, watch Google's introductory video below.

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