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Twitter - How to let Big Guys Follow You On Twitter

I call Twitter a speedy information dissemination engine. You can not organize scattered information on web easily. The easiest way for doing so is to use Twitter. What it does is that it allows you to follow specific  people and businesses through their individual and professional accounts. This list of people whom you are following share interesting content in their tweets and you can find diversified news on one single place. 
In addition to these benefits Twitter is also used by internet marketing professionals and digital media advertisers. However, it is also true that every person wants a bigger audience who follows him/her. A great following has many benefits which include easy promotion of your views, thoughts and even your business and web sites. Search Engine Optimization experts are of the view that you can get a favorable search ranking and authority for your web site given a large number of people follow your web site's Twitter account and re-share or re-tweet the stuff you post on the account. 

I have a few tips for this which I am sharing here:
Define your Niche/Audience: 

To get fans you need to define your target audience and share tweets which they find interesting. 
Add Bio: 

Make sure you have Bio written on your account. People do not like to follow unknown accounts. 

Follow Wisely (Like for Like):

Follow the accounts of people wisely. On twitter their are people who want to interact with the people who are related to their profession or any other interest. So make sure that you are following people wisely and they share similar interests with you. 
Use @Mentions Feature With Care:

There is a smart feature @mentions in Twitter. You can use this tool to communicate with the people and send your tweets directly into their profiles. Some people will reply you given how effectively you have communicated with them. 
Do not Post Links All the Time:

Don't act as a loser. Some people would share the promotional links all the time which can force your followers to 'Unfollow' you. It is advised to share interesting tweets and it will not cost you dollars if you post some stuff which is a little different to your business or interests. 
Comment on Websites/Blogs Through Twitter Profile: 

Some web sites and blogs use comment forms that allow you to post comments on their web sites while you are signed in with your Twitter account. If you have posted serious comments that add value to their post the  web site owner or Social Media Manager would follow you back. 
Write Reviews and Share With the Parent Companies/Reviews People

Another good way to get reputable twitter followers is to write a review on your web site or blog about the related products, services and professionals in your niche. The next step that you shall do is that start sharing these reviews with the twitter accounts of the persons and the companies. I have notices that this technique would allow some big guys to follow you back once they see that you have written content about them. Its not a secret that everyone likes to get admired. So if you are going to like others you surely would be liked by others. 
Use #Tag Feature Wisely

In my view #Tag feature is one of the best features in Twitter. It allows people to search a term while adding #before it. You can get only and only information about the topic that you want to search. In short words information from all around the world about any single topic can be accessed with the # Tag feature. What you shall do is to share your tweets with the world by adding relevant #tags to your tweets which will make them visible to anyone in the world searching the related tag/keyword. If your tweets create value for others you will notice that people are becoming your fans.
Participate in Discussions: 

You can avail the opportunity to participate in various discussions carried on Twitter. In this way you can get serious fans for your profile. 
Share Pics and Videos

Some of your pictures and videos can go viral. You can use services such as twitpic to upload and share your photos. If your photos and videos are interesting people will surely follow you back. Also do not forget to add the #feature before sharing any tweet.

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