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Mobile & Online Advertising in India: Numbers & Statistics

Even today India has one of the lowest Internet penetration in world, pegged at about 10% of total population. However, even with such low penetration, India is the 3rd largest country when it comes to number of internet users (accounting for 10.8% of all users), which crossed 100 million mark late last year.

With the growth in the user base, online advertising in India is on the rise as well. Currently, online advertising market in India is pegged at USD 410 million and the spends are expected to quadruple to USD 1.6 billion by 2015. Online channel currently represents 7% of total advertising spends and is expected to reach 15% in next 3 years.

online Mobile Advertising Growth Mobile & Online Advertising in India: Numbers & Statistics

Among Indians who have internet access, majority of them access internet frequently through their mobile phones. Mobile Advertising revenues were pegged at USD 56.5 million in 2011 and are forecasted to reach USD 247 million by 2015.

More Interesting stats on Online & Mobile Advertising

- Google and Facebook account for over 60% of India’s online advertising Market.

- Currently the online classifies business in India is valued at USD 225 million and is expected to reach USD 510 million by 2015.

- Almost 50% of entire classifieds business currently takes place over the Internet (in organized sector)

- The Mobile Classified Business is Valued at USD 45 Million

- Search and Display ads alone were pegged at USD 250 million by the end of Q3’ 2011. The same is expected to triple to USD 750 million by 2014.

- Mobile Advertising is set to grow ten-fold in come five years.

- Google and Yahoo are most popular portals with over 84% of online Indians using their sites for searches and information.

These numbers and figures have been published Asian Digital Marketing Association’s Digital Marketing Yearbook for 2012.

In my personal opinion, Mobile advertising will probably grow much faster than expected, especially in India, due to tremendous growth expected in mobile devices like Tablets & smartphones.

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