Friday, August 24, 2012

Bitdefender Sphere 2013, All-Around Security Software for Unlimited Devices - Review

1. Safepay for secure online transaction, Shop, bank, play and work securely wherever you are                                                       
2. Fast & efficient scanning  
3. Easy to set up and use 
4. Strong protection against malicious software 
5. Impressive repair rate    
6. Highly configurable settings     
7. Low impact on PC performance
8. Strong firewall
9. Guards your mobile devices against loss or theft
10. Protects an UNLIMITED number of PCs, Macs, and
Android Devices

There are differences among Windows firewall-software products. And although they all meet a minimum-performance standard to filter incoming and outgoing data packets, as long as the creative genius of evil evolves, firewall technologies must evolve. There may come a day when we connect to the Internet with absolute assurance of security. But there are no known limits to human creativity and intelligence, so the competition to deploy the most secure firewall is a metaphor for the struggle between order and chaos.

If you like your security suites to be feature-rich then Bitdefender’s offerings have always been worth a look, as most editions come packed with functionality that you won’t find elsewhere.

Bitdefender, the award-winning provider of innovative antivirus solutions, has launched Bitdefender Sphere 2013, bringing next-generation technology and all-around security to an unlimited number of PCs, Macs, laptops, and mobile devices in your home. 

Bitdefender Sphere 2013 now features compatibility with Windows 8 and rest of previous versions of Windows and supports Macintosh.

Bitdefender Safepay, the secured browser to keep online transactions private and secure, and anti-theft capabilities through Total Security 2013. This is one of the best feature of Sphere 2013, though, an isolated and secure browser which should detect when you visit a banking or online shopping site, and pop up to continue the session, so ensuring your credit card details, account information or other sensitive data can’t easily be intercepted by anything else which might be running on your PC. I can say that Bitdefender Safepay, the most powerful addition to Sphere 2013, utilizes a secured browser for an impenetrable connection on public wireless connections and includes a virtual keyboard so no hacker can read your keystrokes.

Sphere 2013  also benefits from the anti-malware software provided by Total Security, as well as a dedicated Antivirus for Mac and an Antivirus for Android devices, plus a whole host of new features that have already won the company a PC Mag Editor's Choice award among other accolades.

Sphere 2013 features a new online dashboard that offers both ease of use and iron-clad security. Protects your Smartphones and Tablets from Anti-Theft lets you lock, wipe, or locate missing devices remotely and Cleans any type of mobile malware and warns you of risky websites.While protecting all your devices, Sphere also allows you to share and store files with Bitdefender Safebox, protecting it with encryption so sophisticated that nobody but you could ever possibly read it. 

The new Parental Control feature now allows consumers to restrict web access to certain hours, and easily monitor your kid's online activities -- even on Facebook. 

Bitdefender Total Security 2013 includes all the core functionality you’d expect from a suite (antivirus, firewall, spam filter, parental controls, spyware,hackers and phishing attacks.) and a lot you probably wouldn’t (virtual “Safepay” browsing, USB autorun virus protection, more). 

It protects an UNLIMITED number of your devices like PC, Tabs, Mobile devices.
Bitdefender Sphere 2013 is Value for Money, its more than makes up for it with a great set of features. We liked the software's ease of use for basic users, and advanced users will appreciate the abundance of settings available. Most important, we were very impressed with the program's detection abilities. And if you're looking for security software that will keep your computer safe without eating up all of its processing power, Sphere 2013 is a solid choice. Product is a solid core of anti-virus, antispam and web protection, coupled with useful extra facilities to help protect your PC against all-comers.


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