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PS4: Grab it instantly

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The gaming fever is increasing with the even more advanced features expected in the PlayStation 4 with the upgraded version. This gadget is going to set the floor on fire where gamers are going to enjoy its specifications down to the core. Here are the expected features that are going to be interesting for both the gamers and developers.

Firstly the Central Processing Unit (CPU) of the PS4 uses a processor that is based on a cell with 1 Power Processing Element (PPE) at 3.2 GHz that is dual thread. Through this the transmission process is capable of processing dual streams of instructions simultaneously. The 8 Synergistic Processing Elements (SPE) runs at 3.2 GHz, that possesses one disabled for the yield purposes and the other is reserved for security options that includes encryption and decryption of data.

Secondly the Graphics Processing Unit (GPU), that has tricky predictions on the gadget, may possess AMD High Definition 7670 clocked at the rate of 1 GHz including VRAM of 1GB GDDR5. This GPU makes the game look amazing with the live operations that are crystal clear in 1080p along with 3D view. The closed system of PS4 is making most of the critics unable to say no to the GPU features that are expected by the gamers.

There are many excited games that are going to be launched to go with the gadget, some of them are:
·         Grand Theft Auto: The game that was hailed as the top gaming titles from the past decade, which is one of the most controversial game franchises. Despite its negative features the game has become popular and gained many gamers interest, due to its good graphical structure.

·        Pokemon: One of the most popular gaming franchises in the game sphere is Pokemon; it is responsible for selling over 40 million sales across various games. The secret behind this success was the technologically low versions of games that have been evolved by Gameboy and Ninetendi DS. 

Apocalypse: Left 4 Dead (L4D) is the original gaming world that was embraced the younger generation, with its launch of the most unique co-op shooters. The real action in the game relied on the ‘versus mode’, this made the game more interesting in all aspects.

All these awesome features of the new technology have brought the version to the next level by stepping away from the childish animations and sprites to a new image.

One of the hot rumours about PS4 is the support of Ultra HD 4k resolution. According to the sources and news, the play station is gearing up with super high definition which offers complete entertainment and involvement of the gamer in the games. This is possible with the support of Ultra HD 4K resolution. The resolution is on its way to customer products that already exist in digital cinematography. The horizontal resolution of 4000 pixels gives the name of 4K that offers Quad Full High Definition of either 3840*2160 or twice the 1080p HDTV standard.

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