Tuesday, January 15, 2013

CES 2013 Showcases World's Thinnest Watch

Every nook and cranny of CES spells innovation. True to this is the showcasing of the thinnest watch in the world at the E Ink stand. When E Ink and Central Standard Timing joined hands together, CST-01 was the result.

Central Standard Timing announced CTS-01 as the thinnest watch in the world with only 0.8 mm thickness. Made possible by the innovative electronic paper display of E Ink, CST-01 is even thinner than a credit card.

The watch is made of flexible components which have been assembled into a pocket that is 0.5 mm thick which then fits onto a flexible stainless steel piece. The watch is extremely light to wear and weighs less than 12g.

CST-01: CES 2013 Showcases World's Thinnest Watch
CST-01 looks just like a bracelet or bangle and has been making waves over at Kickstarter where it has already garnered $172,329 of the targeted $200,000 goal, in a few days' time. For almost a year, the watch had been in the prototype phase.

Embedded in the watch is a Thinergy Micro-energy Cell which charges the watch from the external dock in a matter of 10 minutes. Time on the watch is also set with the help of this external dock. After one charging, it will run continuously for a month.

It can be charged upto 100,000 times which gives it a life of 15 years. This essentially makes it a watch that will last for years without even needing a change of battery.

Preorders for the watch are available on Kickstarter for $129 (Rs. 7063 approx.). The watch is expected to be shipped sometime in the second quarter of 2013.

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