Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Samsung Launches 85-Inch and 110-Inch Ultra High Definition TVs

Samsung revealed numerous TV innovations at CES 2013 last day and the most highly rated one is the Ultra High-Definition TV of 110 inches in size. The resolution of this TV is about two times compared with the full HD screens out in the market. The pixel density offered with the screen is about four times that of the standard TVs now.

An 85-inch version of the same model is all set to reach Australia by the middle of the year and the pricing of the gadget will be in the range of $25,000 (Rs.13,67,000 approx) and $30,000 (Rs.16,40,100 approx).

According to Phil Newton who is the director of Samsung Electronics Australia, big-screen TVs are introduced not for middle-class consumers but for some extravagant Australians who have a taste for such models.

Samsung Launches Behemoth 85-Inch and 110-Inch Ultra High Definition
Samsung also put forward certain impressive features with their TV models to make them stand alone in the TV world. The best feature among them is conversational voice-recognition termed as S-Recognition. With this feature, users can experience a speak-back facility. The system can gradually recognize the user's favorite TV shows and recommendations regarding similar shows in progress are given.

LG comes up with a 100-inch TV at the show to raise a competition to Samsung in the category. Panasonic also revealed certain unique features with their innovative TVs when LG and Samsung gave importance to screen size. Even though OLED televisions were expected from LG and Samsung last year, they did not deliver. But this time they are sure to launch those TV models without much delay.

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