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The Dangers of Security Breach

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This article is written by James Harding on behalf of NCC, an information assurance specialist who operates on a global scale. James works as a security tester, using modern software programs to identify potential security breaches before they have chance to escalate into real issues.
Security online is a big importance. Business and other services are big online and customers look for a dedicated and safe place before they input any information. One of the main reasons for this is out of fear of data breaches. If you're not secure, you're going to give away their personal information.

A breach, put simply, is when someone gains unwarranted access to your server or network. This essentially means they've gotten past any defences and have access to any stored data you have. This is data they are not legally allowed, making it a form of theft. It’s also dangerous, since much of this information is highly valuable and guarded. Businesses often store customer information on their servers, for example, which often includes various bank details.

Obviously, it’s important to keep yourself well protected. Cyber security is a big priority. You need the best and most up to date methods to protect your server. This needs to stop anyone simply remotely accessing your database. It should take much more than an URL or IP address to get on; your server should be secure enough so only dedicated users have any access.

Furthermore, such security needs to be checked on a regular basis. You can't just buy a security package off the shelf and leave it at that. Not only will this become outdated, not checking your own security gives any determined hacker or data thief more than enough time to work around it.

Regular testing will make sure your security is working as it should be, as well as making sure there aren’t any known exploits. The best form of this is penetration testing, as this replicates an attempted breach, ensuring you get the best results. It helps to know how the security performs under direct attack and a penetration test can give you these results by recreating the scenario.

If a breach does happen, then you still need to take action. A breach is a clear sign that there is a gap in your defence. As such, utilising a computer forensic service can better asset your security and determine where the original breach came from. Once this is known, you can then repair or improve your security to ensure it doesn't happen again. Leaving it the same, after all, would only invite further trouble.

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