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What to look for in a gaming laptop

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This article is written by Harriet Earle. Harriet is a dedicated gamer who regularly tests new gaming laptops; evaluating their performance and specification.
PC gaming used to be something you could do only if you had an expensive, purpose-built desktop machine. However laptop technology has improved greatly in recent years and it is possible to purchase a laptop that is able to play most of the games on the market.
There are some key things to look for in order for your laptop to be up-to-date and able to perform like a desktop PC – and here are a few of them:
Check the feel of the accessories
You will want your new gaming laptop to come with a mouse and you must also ensure that the keyboard feels right for extended use. These are the two accessories that will get the most use; on a PC the keyboard can be replaced but a laptop has one built in so make sure you are able to use it comfortably.
Hard drive and RAM
You will want the highest amount of storage space you can possible get. At least a terabyte will make sure you can install all the games and extra software you will need to play.
RAM is needed to run the more powerful games and you will really want 8GB plus for a smooth experience, ideally more. Also important is that your laptop can be customised so you can add more RAM if needed.
Look for the highest resolution
Some laptops are now being built with incredibly high pixel resolution. Laptop gamers previously had to settle for standard displays but with HD screens available you can now expect so much more. Detail is vital in gaming so you will want to look for the best screen available.
Once the rest of your set-up is in order, the graphics card is what pulls it all together. If you have the RAM, the disk space and the screen then the graphics will allow you to use all that power to play the best games you can get. Just be sure not to leave it lying around – one individual who did that sparked a bomb scare at Mecure Manchester Piccadilly Hotel.
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