Tuesday, April 9, 2013

If Facebook Home Has A Market, It Is India

Facebook, last week, launched its much speculated Android UI ‘Facebook Home’, which attracted mixed responses, writes Manan Kakkar for ZDNet.

If some of the headlines made by ‘Facebook Home’ is to be considered, for example, ‘Facebook Home: A Prettier Motoblur,’ which indicates how Motoblur, an Android UI replacement and push-based service focused on social networking, developed by Motorola, was a disaster. And another article says ‘Facebook Home’ as another intolerable waste of time. 

There are privacy concerns too. By opting ‘Facebook Home’ as default boot options, user’s phone literally turns into a Facebook user page, where one finds all the notifications, from tagged pictures to personal messages, which get exposed to whoever has access to the phone.

However if the Indian scenario is considered, in past, many Indian OEMs and network providers, used the world’s largest social network as marketing blitz to woo the Indian consumers. Tata Docomo let users to sign into Facebook without a data connection, and so did Airtel; Vodafone introduced a Facebook feature phone for $100; and HTC attempted at Facebook phone a few years back with HTC ChaCha.

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