Tuesday, April 9, 2013

World's Biggest Software Company Isn't Seeing A Mobile Comeback

For Microsoft, Windows 8 and Windows Phone are solid products that have added credits to the company. Some Windows features are incredibly smart compared to others. However, according to a latest comScore report, the software giant’s mobile invasion is not happening at all.  

The company had its Windows Phone doing better in some relatively important places like India. But if the matter is with mobiles, U.S. is crucial and Microsoft has to perform better here.

According to comScore’s numbers, U.S. interest in Windows Phone was not up to the mark. Though it did not worsen as BlackBerry, subscribers for Windows Phone are barely growing. However, it has not shrunk yet.

The momentum that Microsoft seeks isn’t here. The company’s Surface tablet is not helping either.

The data shows Google Android taking the top place, above 50 percent in the Smartphone platform for U.S. Subscription. Apple’s iOS is second, almost reaching 40 percent while BlackBerry has descended considerably since Feb 10’ along with Microsoft, going below 10 percent.

From 2012 to 2013 Apple has gained market share almost by 10 percent. Google’s share is catching up towards 5 percent. While BlackBerry’s market share has shrunk, Microsoft shows a slight dip.

In 2012, Microsoft’s user base had actually shrunk to 4 million from 7 million, while Android reached 52 million.

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