Tuesday, June 4, 2013

8 Tips To Drive Huge Traffic and Customers From Pinterest

We all are always busy in driving huge traffic from Social Media.

The Social Media meant for us are Just Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn and moreover StumbleUpon.

These all are very good social platform to drive mass traffic to your website but we forget one thing, Pinterest.

Pinterest is quite new but very active social networking website.

Its success can be estimated by the way it beats Yahoo! in web traffic.

If haven’t tried this social platform yet then you are really missing out. You are missing out from a lot of customers, a lot of shares and a lot of followers which can multiply your website’s benefit.

Pinterest Concept of Pins/ Repins

It is the easiest social bookmarking place where you pin your website’s images. People like them, comment on them or repin them. According to the data given by RJMatrics, Over 80% of pins are repins.

That means, you just need to create a valuable visual content that can be images, InfoGraphic or Videos and you have a virtual army of people waiting to share your content so that you will gain tons of exposure.

These things not goes as simple as it looks like. Every social network needs proper dedication, hard-work to gain serous benefits from them. You should work wisely to drive HUGE Traffic from Pinterest.

Pinteresting – Global Data Usage

Here I am telling you the best 10 Tips that will help you to get lot of quality web traffic from Pinterest :

1. Marketing in Pinterest is the game of eye-catching images. Pin high quality, eye-catching images. Image of text with colorful background will work fine even. More simpler images get more virality here.

2. Make sure to put a Pin It button in your website which will let visitors to share any image, that they like on Pinterest. Always put atleast one eye-catching image  in your Blog. You can use Stock Imagery such as Flickr or Zemanta.

3. Make use of Pin Boards. Pinterest lets you to create pinboards by which you can categorize your sharing. But don’t go crazy for pin boards as for every pin board you need to create followers to make them popular. Create pin board on Your blog’s main category so that people can easily interact with you and your blog as well.

4. Pinterest introduced a new feature of secret boards. These secret boards are very effective.
They will help you to grow popularity and audience for your upcoming pin board.

5. Repins your niche related content from other users to your pin board.
The concept of repinning also helps you lot to gain followers. If you regularly repin good images then people will start following your Pin Boards.

6. Invite people to pin to your board. I didn’t put effort in this way until I used it. Trust me, it helps a lot in getting followers and visitors engagements to your board.

7. Put Appropriate Caption. When you pin an image, Pinterest allows you to put caption & description for that image.

Pinterest Marketing Strategies That Works !

However, you can put upto 500 character description but use short, descriptive an attractive caption. And always remember to “add a link” i.e., your blog link.

8. Let your visitors to directly connect with you on Pinterest. Invite them from other social networks, put Pinterest badges on your website. If your Faceook, Twitter friends become your friend in Pinterest then they will surely enjoy your Pins and Repins.

Pinterest is a place of Women. Maximum users there are females so try to contact them and make friendship with them. It helps you for your business.

Keep patience, getting traffic from social networks takes time. When your pin board become popular with lots of visitors then you will start gaining tons of exposure of your articles, products from it.

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