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GM Unwraps the Sierra Denali 6.2 Liter Engine with 420 HP

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General Motors has been in the art of crafting fine vehicles for many years now. They have developed reliable vehicles that have made it one of the strongest companies in the industry, and among all the economic downfalls, GM has been standing strong as a car developing superpower, and will remain one for years to come. Theirrecent development has been unveiled as the Sierra Denali 6.2 Liter engine with 420 HP to hit the scene and they are ready to show the world a new face in the very concept of reliable vehicles.

Sierra 1500 Denali Crew Cab Luxury Truck
Packing a V8 engine it has grown from its previous models. The 2013 model had 403 HP and 417 pounds-feet of torque; the 2014 model is sitting at 420 HP and 450 pounds-feet torque. With each year it has developed into a stronger machine and GM continues to invest its brightest minds into developing it to being the best it can potentially be. The engine being at 6.2 liters is the largest engine the vehicle has used thus far, giving it a new standard of power that will leave those fortunate enough to experience it a new taste of power and satisfaction.

The 6.2 liter engine will be an optional path and the standard engine will be a 5.3 liter V8 engine. The smaller engine will produce 355 HP and 383 pounds-feet of torque. The Denali line has become one of GM’s most popular lines of vehicle and has accounted for 20% of the brand’s sales last year.

The new Denali vehicle also offers various customization options but as a standard has 20-inch chrome wheels and an 8 inch customizable digital panel that shows settings as well as audio and navigation information. Other standard features are climate control on the front seats, a heated steering wheel providing maximum comfort for working hands on cold days, and front and rear parking assist specs.

There is also an option of a sunroof, as well as a rear entertainment system should someone want to invest the money to have one installed. The GM sales were up 12 percent as of April and as the Denali reaches its official release date, the amount of excitement can be felt within the air.

While there is still time for adjustment for official horsepower and fuel efficiency quotes, the Denali remains one of the strongest vehicles in the General Motors lineup and with the release of such a powerful vehicle comes not only the excitement of the customers but the taste of success for GM. In a time of a very difficult economy and tough financial scraps, the Denali offers a chance for not only GM to continue to thrive with success but gives the working man a vehicle that can work at optimal levels and grant a maximum comfort. This is the prime example of a vehicle where you get what you pay for.

When a vehicle is designated as a tool to get from A to B, but also something you rely on for work and as a means for providing comfort, the Denali has all the specs needed to provide a completely successful vehicle. With the strong brand of General Motors behind it to top it off, the release of the Denali will not only be exciting, it will be a rift of success.

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