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Smartphones - Android Development & Mobile Gaming

Author: Angie Scott is a mobile games enthusiast who not only enjoys playing games in her free time, but has also become an authority on the subject. Angie has recently developed her first Android mobile app and found mobile ad network to be very helpful and highly recommends this ad network to indie game developers.  
Created by Google, Android is one of the top mobile operating systems for smartphones. It is also the most widely used OS for mobile phones, such as those created by Samsung, HTC, Motorola, and LG. Its massive popularity has led to an increase in Android app development.

Developing apps for the Android OS is a very straight forward and simple process that is made easy with the Android SDK (software development kit), This is a basic kit that allows both technical experts and newbie developers alike to create a variety of mobile applications, including mobile games, for Android smartphones at low cost.

The demand for more mobile apps has lead to the creation of several companies offering services in Android development, as well as services for in-app advertising. For example, the appnext mobile advertising network helps android game developers to monetize and grow their user base using smart ad tools and targeting technologies.

Mobile gaming is one of the hottest mobile app categories. The mobile games market for smartphones is rapidly growing, which has lead to the development of a variety of wildly popular mobile games and game franchises, such as Angry Birds and Temple Run.

Due to the ever-growing popularity of mobile games among Android smartphone users, Android game developers are in high demand in several sectors of the mobile game industry, including testing, designing, developing tools for the apps, debugging, distribution, etc. This is no longer an industry where only big name game developers can thrive. It also holds a lot of potential for indie game developers, as well.

While there are several popular games in the various mobile game categories (i.e. puzzles, mmo, rpg, racing, etc.) that are available for Android smartphones, some of the top games that are currently trending among Android mobile gamers include: Angry Birds Space Premium, Angry Birds Star Wars, Temple Run II, Temple Run: Brave, Temple Run: OZ, Fruit Ninja, Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour, Asphalt 7: Heat, Ruzzle, FieldRunners HD, Carcassone, Minecraft – Pocket Edition, and Symphony of Eternity.

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