Thursday, August 8, 2013

7 Websites To Make Your Own Apps

Are you bugged off with the available apps that don’t suit your needs and taste. Well then, here is a list of websites that will help you make applications according to your needs. In short ‘A custom made app’.



The helps you to make ‘Custom made apps’ free of cost. The apps can be made in HTML 5 that supports most of the mobile operating systems. The built in procedure will guide you step by step till your app is ready for use. Users are allowed to create any number of apps without any developing charges. It can be made with great ease as user has to only select the app type according to his needs from the pre-loaded list. They can also avail the options like number of pages, background color and a lot more. If you are satisfied with the app, you can submit it to the Appsbar team who will make sure that it meets the quality standards of the app market and works well. All these services are absolutely free.


This website not only acts as a ‘good Samaritan’ but also play the role of a good teacher. Buzztouch helps in creating efficient apps along with step by step explanations to the difficult terms. Buzztouch U, a mini- university set up by the Buzztouch team helps all the process. Users can make apps in iOS or Android platform and is best suited for advanced users. The online control panel will help you to download the source code to your PC and use free software Xcode for iOS or Eclipse for Android to compile and run the app. The website provides information and links that are required that the users have no chance to worry.


If you wish to have a classy touch for your application, will never disappoint you. As the name sounds, the website provides support in creating Android apps.  It provides you with a basket full of features extending from photo galleries, videos, music players, interactive maps to RSS news/feeds. The apps will contain some banner ads, and if you want to make it add free, a onetime payment of 6040 will do it. negotiates for a fifty-fifty deal in exchange of the tools needed for development and hosting. You can sell the App in the market for value.


The helps you to develop your own app to get connected to the social network. The website provides pre-designed layouts and templates among which you can select your option. They cater a variety of options such as video and photo sharing, twitter, chat rooms, community spaces and a lot more. The app can be downloaded only from the website’s own Monkey Market will contain ads.


The website keeps it simple and stylish. The graphic user interface helps you to design apps for iOS, Android and Windows Phone. The platform that the user would wish to work on can be selected and background color, splash images, logos and URL/RSS feeds can be integrated together and updated with relevant information. You can make the app your own by paying a price for it or by earning ads equivalent to the value. The ‘app quality index’ helps you to review the standard of the app and fetch you approval.


The comes up with a little complicated options and goes well for advanced users. However there are many added features that the website provides demanding the users to have a Google account. The app supports only the Android platform and provides you with a plethora of features like animations, social network connectivity and location or orientation sensors. Its integrated and advanced features like barcode scanner, text-to-speech conversion and speech recognizer helps you to create apps that make your life easy. Once the app is created you can download and install it into your phone, however the website does not allow the users to submit the app to Google Play Store for approval.


If you are on the outlook of a website which not only helps you to create Android and iOS app but also provides complete content management system, is the right place. Even after publishing the app online the site provides assistance in updating its contents real time. The template, interface, design and look, content and data can be chosen and submitted for approval once finished. You can enjoy the extended facility where your apps will be placed on Google play store and iOS App store by paying an annual service change of 19740.

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