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How to Expand Your Business with IP Technology

Author Bio: Liam Reed is an avid blogger on technologies and related topics. He is keenly following the speed at which VoIP is taking over the telecommunication field. He spends a lot of time understanding the technology and looking at the product and services being offered by major companies.

There is a new advanced method of making and receiving calls. It is through the use of the IP telephony system, the VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) in particular. This has been the new trend in the business world especially among the small ones because it can be easily manipulated and it cost less compared to the conventional telephones. As long as they have good internet connection, these different sizes of businesses utilize the VoIP telephone system with a view of improving their performances with minimum costs.

VoIP System Reduces Cost

Indeed, one of the main reasons why small businesses are transferring from the conventional telephone system to the VoIP system is because the latter offers cost reduction benefits. Small business companies need not to pay higher with the local and long distance calls. In the VoIP telephone system, expect not to have any additional fees for the location and time where you receive or make the calls. During the transfer of telephone system, there is a period of adjustment. Hence, it is natural that you do not yet notice the advantages of switching to VoIP system. But this cost reduction fact is instantly noticed within small period of time. It has been reported that at least 35% was reduced in the expenses of the small business companies.

This is truly valued since the company can keep this money and use it for investing business expansion.

Smooth Transition to VoIP

When your small business starts to improve and expand, there is no need to worry about your telephone system. Unlike the traditional telephone lines, the VoIP Telephone System allows you and your company to easily change and expand even with the least capital investment. How is this possible? Remember that your traditional telephone lines would require you to add hardware and modules to cope with the changes or expansion of your business. But in VoIP telephone system, you do not have to do this! Hence, you can see how important it is for business companies to consider the flexibility capability of the telephone system before purchasing and availing one. With the VoIP telephone system, growing your small business gives you less stress and headache. It only lets you begin with a minimum number of extensions and expand when needed, in any geographic location. There is no need to pay and undergo the stress for service appointments because you can easily add and delete phone numbers when needed.

Expand with Ease—Made Possible with Cloud Computing and Collaboration

Expanding your business in different locations is indeed possible even with minimal cost. This is made possible with cloud computing. It is an application where employees can log into a Web-based service which hosts altogether the programs in which the user requires for the employee’s position. Isolated technologies owned by the cloud service provider would operate the entirety from single e-mail to word processing to multifaceted data analysis program. What you only have to do is to use the cloud system’s interface software such as the Web browsers and then the cloud’s network will handle the rest. For instance, your experiences with Webbased e-mail service such as Gmail is already dealing with cloud computing. This is the reason why your software and storage for your Gmail account is not in your computer but instead, it’s on the cloud. With this cloud computing, employees on different business locations of the same company can share their computer files. This process is called cloud collaboration. It is one of the collaboration tools where in your documents are uploaded to the main cloud for storage and others can access it. This collaboration tool allows users to upload, comment, and collaborate on documents and even amend the document itself, evolving the document within the cloud.

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