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Samsung Galaxy S5 with 10 Killer Features and Specs - Expected Launch on February 2014

A new report suggests Samsung may release the Galaxy S5 in February 2014 to avenge failure of sales prediction of the Galaxy S4 and match Apple's iPhone 5S. Ultra-slim RAM, 64-bit processor, two OS variants and hazard protections are included in the 10 features reported on the Galaxy S5.

Samsung will soon join the march of high-end smartphones that are built with premium metallic materials, likely leading to the introduction next year of a Galaxy S4 that is wrapped in aluminium and flexible display screen, a new report said.

Operating System
Google's new Android 4.4 KitKat OS is expected to run Samsung Galaxy S5 next year which will help lighten up the heavyweight TouchWiz UI among future Galaxy devices. But rumours span and included a Tizen OS variant running the flagship smartphone which could be less expensive than its Android counterpart.
Upgraded Processor
Samsung will still use Qualcomm processors due mass production issues of upcoming Exynos 6 processor. It is predicted that the Galaxy S5 will have two variants - Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 or newer and Samsung Exynos 6 octa-core with 64-bit support. The Exynos 6 features 50 percent less power consumption and minimal heat generation on the device.

Ultra-Slim RAM
A 3 GB of RAM is currently under development for the Galaxy S5 after Note 3 already featured it. But the Galaxy S5's version would be an ultra-slim RAM to give room for bigger battery pack and help it last longer.
Samsung confirmed that it has already began its mass production of 3 GB low-powered DDR3 RAM chips for mobile devices. And the Galaxy S5 may have a slimmer and low-powering 3 GB RAM without compromising speed and performance.

"Samsung's new ultra-slim memory solutions will enable thinner smartphone designs and allow for additional battery space, while offering a data transfer speed of up to 2,133 megabits per second (Mbps) per pin," revealed a press release from Samsung.

Full Metal Chassis
Design 3.0 is the term used for the new design concept for the Galaxy S5 and future premium devices of the Galaxy line. Various reports claim that the S5 will no longer use polycarbonate or plastic chassis and will be replaced by full metal components such aluminium. Rumours also point out that the Galaxy S5 will be the first member of the Galaxy F line or phones with premium materials.

Narrower Bezel with High Pixel Density
Expect an even narrower bezel than the Galaxy S4 on the Galaxy S5 with very high pixel density for crisp and better viewing. Most likely the device will also feature a Super AMOLED display for better battery life compared with LCD screens, but IGZO technology could be a good choice, too.

Full HD Display with 3-D Factor
Samsung's latest technology on using dual camera recording and eye tracking system may open doors for the almost unheard 3-D display and will eliminate higher pixel density due to applications and games gaining trend in 3-D technology. Samsung's main challenge is to provide 3-D display without wearing glasses and without taking too much toll on power consumption.

Magnetic Resonance Wireless Charging
Fingerprint sensor is still far from reach on the Galaxy S5 as the company hasn't found a partner with quality-approved fingerprint scanners design for commercial use. So rumours pointed out the second biggest feature on the Galaxy S5 called Magnetic Resonance. Samsung's alleged Magnetic Resonance will only require devices to open a built-in port as receptors for the wireless AC power plug unlike with the tradition wireless charging pod used today.

New Camera Proposed
The Galaxy S4 features 13 MP camera which rocked the world, but Samsung can amp up the Galaxy S5 with a 16 MP camera. Aside from tasty camera features, filters and zero shutter lag, an Optical Image Stabilisation and ISOCELL CMOS image sensor are also linked for the upgraded camera of the Galaxy S5.

Better and Longer Battery Life
Samsung could install a 4,000 mAh slim battery pack for the Galaxy S5 which almost doubles up the Galaxy S4's power. Installation of a big battery pack is probable, as Samsung plans to add an ultra-slim 3 GB RAM which would free some room for the battery.

Another aspect to empower the standby time of the Galaxy S5 is the advanced component factor used on the Exynos 6 and new RAM. The Exynos 6 is claimed to be 50 percent less power consuming, while the RAM requires little power than before.

Hazard Proofing
New rumours revealed that Samsung could be adding a little ruggedness on their 2014 flagship smartphone similar with the Galaxy S4 Active. But unlike the Galaxy S4 Active or any other phones with proofing, Samsung will not downgrade the hardware just to make the proofing fit. The Samsung Galaxy S5 may feature both water and rustproof functionality to match flagship phones of Sony which currently includes water and dust resistance technology, according to report from ETNews.

Amazing features make the Galaxy S5 very powerful and premium, but buyers could also expect huge demand from Samsung once they declare its price tag. The Samsung Galaxy S5 is rumoured to be announced in February 2013 at the MWC trade show.

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