Saturday, March 22, 2014

4K recording: get ready for the smartphone revolution

4K - Ultra High Definition wherever you want it

It's strange to think that 1080p screens on smartphones only really arrived at the end of 2012, and yet here we are talking about 4K already.

But it's not about putting more pixels on the smartphone screen just yet, as that can really hurt the battery and lower the efficiency of your phone.

However, the 4K revolution is still coming, as you can see from Xperia Z2 from Sony, in the shape of 4K recording on the go, and it's going to turbocharge your home movies.

The benefits of 4K are obvious: four times as many pixels compared to current Full HD resolution (3840x2160 vs 1920x1080) means a sharper, more comprehensive image compared to that captured at Full HD.

The 4K revolution has been happening fairly slowly on phones, with a few handsets starting to trickle the technology in at the tail end of last year.

But with Xperia Z2, it would seem Sony has moved the game forward by bringing the tech to a truly flagship device, not only bringing stunning clarity into the mix but massively improving your videos in other ways as well.

Better panels

While it makes a lot of sense to upgrade to a 4K TV (improved sharpness, greater colour reproduction and a host of other top features) the fact is that many of us still have a Full HD screen adorning the living room.

Similarly, smartphone screens are in the same boat: Xperia Z2 uses a Full HD screen to get the best out of colour reproduction, battery power and processor efficiency on Sony's flagship phone.

But just because the pixel count doesn't match, it doesn't mean that you won't see the incredible benefits that 4K recording on a smartphone brings. Both a 1080p TV and your phone can still show off the high res video with great quality, but here's the great part: Xperia Z2 can zoom in on the action while it's playing and still show off the video content in Full HD while getting you closer than ever to your memories.

Stepping up the quality

Xperia Z2 gives you the tools to make a video that has that professional sheen – and if you're going for a really top-end result, check out the STM10 stereo microphone that easily plugs into your headphone port to deliver high quality stereo audio through dual-facing recorders, giving you something that you'll be proud to show off, either to family or more accomplished movie-makers.

Sony has packed a wealth of additional top technology features into the video recorder of Xperia Z2 to improve the image beyond 4K as well: we're talking SteadyShot to rid your home movies of shake (for instance when walking) as you try to capture those amazing moments, and Movie Creator, to give you a great quality video with just a few swipes of the finger.

And if you're feeling particularly creative, Timeshift video allows you to relive every moment of the action in slow motion detail, where you can shoot in 120 frames per second in Full HD and select the scenes to slow down to get an incredible focus exactly where you want. Xperia Z2 from Sony brings together the best of its technology heritage and packs it into its stunning new flagship smartphone.

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