Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Vpnster: Free VPN for Unblock

Switch Server Locations Easily - The most powerful VPN tool available!
1.) The Internet is not perfect - sometimes switching to a different location will increase speed. The problem may be a temporarily one and a selection is very nice to have.
2.) You have moved - Generally you want to connect to a VPN server that is closet to you.
3.) IP Change - Sometimes customers want to appear on a different IP. With a simple server switch, this will accomplish that.
4) Protect your identity and credentials from tracking and theft.

This is a new VPN service with latter-day features and modern clean interface, which provide free unlimited connection with 300mb of data protection per month. You can connect to any server locations in US and Europe with a simple switch, !

As a regular VPN app, this one is used to unblock sites, unlock apps, protect Wi-Fi Hotspots Security and ensure Privacy Protection. List of top services unblocked by Vpnster: unblock Skype, unblock Viber, WeChat, Line, VoIP etc.

Vpnster secures and encrypts all traffic on your device with our private and highly secure cloud. When Vpnster is enabled, you are completely protected and can access locally blocked sites.

Vpnster gives you a free access to more than 15 servers with an over 300 MB monthly quota, which can be increased by:

* Like Vpnster on Facebook;
* Following Vpnster on Twitter;
* and more…

Also, you can upgrade to unlimited bandwidth from the application by getting an Unlimited PRO version with fully unbounded features.

It's in Beta now, Vpnster is available in  Android Google Play store and also APK file download.

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