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Don’t Forget To Do Off Page Seo

Off page SEO? Before teaching you what is off page SEO you must know what SEO is?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. Means optimizing your site in search engine like Yahoo, Bing and Google.  SEO is of two types on page SEO and off page SEO . Off page seo in equally important as the on page seo is. Means that you cannot optimize your site on first page of google without doing off page after on page. We have covered many topics of on page SEO in likes

now we are going to tell you about off page SEO.

Off page SEO covers the topic like promoting your sites across the world. Means bringing visitors from the 3rd party website by making awareness of your site.  By making backlinks for your sites.
Off page SEO optimisation is secondary process of optimization.
  • Content Marketing and Outreach
Find the website which is relevant or related to your website but not competing to your site and try to get link from that website to your best content. And do guest post on that website and put a link on the post that will link back to your site.
  • Directories
Do directories submission. Make sure that your site is listed in good local and business directories. Make sure that it link back to your website.
  • PPC (Pay Per Click)
You can also use Facebook advertising and Google Adword to gain new visitors on your site. Do regular check on your ads to improve CTR (Click through Rate) and reduce CPC (Cost per Click).
  •  Link Exchange
You can also do link exchanging of your site but remember try to get link from that website which is related to your site.
  • Marketing in Video
Make video and provide useful information on it. And share it on popular video website like youtube and other remember to put your website name or logo on that video.
  • Comment based marketing
Always do comment on other website which you visit and make sure that the other website is related to your website and include a link back to your site.
  • Forum Posting
Do forum posting and be an active member in that form and try to show that you are also knowledgeable.
  • Facebook
Share your post in Facebook. Create your website page on facebook and try to get it liked by your visitors and share your post on that page and ask your friends to share your article.
  • Press Releases
If you owning any business site then you have to write press releases to share about your business news and about the upcoming developments of your business. Mostly the press releases are paid. They are not available for free.
  • Banner Advertisement
You can create your website banner to advertise or display on the other relevant sites. It will help mostly those who want to expose their bran to large extent.

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