Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Work on social media skills to be a leader

According to a recent study, it takes only 300 tweets to know one’s personality. So, when a recruiter is checking out your knowledge and skills on social platforms, they could also look for derailment factors like behaviour, interests and interaction style

The idea is to make yourself socially visible to the influencers or recruiters of your dream job. To do this, you will need to find out which social communities do these influencers interact in. By engaging with this community in meaningful ways, you will create a presence and visibility for yourself, as an expert.
Being aware of how the social media works is not as easy as it sounds. It is more like building your personal brand strategy which involves balancing between giving too much information or giving too little information.
During a recent High-Tea session, a career chat platform powered by TimesJobs.com, Anmol Nautiyal, director, IBM Social Business & IBM Smarter Workforce, shared tips on getting your dream job using social media:
  • Building a Personal Brand: Today, it is essential for you to have a social presence and an online identity. Social Media sites and communities provide an opportunity to interact with your community members on topics of interest. Your contributions and influence on these communities increase through meaningful interactions and active participation. By being a regular contributor and by staying authentic to yourself in your interactions, you will slowly build your presence and personal brand.
  • Social Networking: Social is the new production line for knowledge workers. Social Networking provides you the ability to collaborate with other global experts inside and outside your organisation to become more productive, create knowledge and help create new ideas for the organisation. These are the attributes for differentiating high performing employees. By continually demonstrating these skills, you will progress thereby, increasing your influence and growth in the organisation.
  • Sustainability to Reach Top Positions: Social is a new skill for creating influence and reach. However, we also understand from new research studies that using social skills in their communication to engage their employees and external communities are more trusted by employees. Clearly, this is a sign of new leadership skills and organisations are looking for leaders with social skills.
  • Attracting Recruiters: Hiring managers are not just looking at social media profile of the candidates, they also look for overall social presence, which is a holistic view of social contributions and community influence. So, rather than just managing your social media profile, one should focus on continuous contributions and community engagement. Your online profile should have the latest view of your skills, capabilities and talents.
  • Design an Interactive CV: Social media is an excellent way to contribute to your professional communities. Depending upon your professional community, you will have to join specific social media groups. For example, LinkedIn could be a place for knowledge workers and YouTube for performing arts professionals. The opportunity here is to stay visible to your community by creating content which is useful for other community members or show-casing your ideas and projects.

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