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8 ways to manage your email better

Buried in newsletters? Harassed by spam? Tired of juggling multiple inboxes on your smartphone?Here are the best apps and web services to help you...

If you only use Gmail
Inbox by Gmail is an app that de-clutters your account by categorizing similar emails into groups such as Social, Travel, Finance, Updates, Forums and Promos. For instance, notifications from Facebook and LinkedIn are bundled into Social, while newsletters from your bank will appear within Finance. The app still lets you view all the labels you have created in Gmail and move new emails to them.

In case you want to reply to a missive or call the sender later, just swipe left to set a reminder within the app. Inbox then sounds a notification at the time specified by you, which can either be dismissed or temporarily postponed.

The app even lets you preview and swipe through attachments like images, read shipping information related to your online purchases and more, without opening the email at all.

At present, you will need to visit inbox to request an invite before installing the app on your phone.
Android, iOS: Free

For multiple email accounts
CloudMagic lets you access Gmail, iCloud, Outlook, Yahoo!, and IMAP accounts through a single app. You can personalize each account to have its own signature, colour and notification sound. The app lets you view your inboxes individually , or in a unified format.

Swipe left on an e-mail to delete, archive, or mark as read; press and hold to select multiple emails, and even add tools known as "cards" to cloud services like Google Keep, Evernote, OneNote, Pocket and Todoist.For instance, if you need to turn an email into an actionable to-do, use the To do list card, add it to your workflow in Trello, or set a reminder in Keep.

And yes, you can also password protect the app to keep your emails from prying eyes.
Android, iOS: Free

To connect with cloud storage 
If you juggle between multiple email accounts and use Dropbox or Box to store your data then try Boxer. On downloading, this app will only let you setup one email account either AOL, Gmail, iCloud, Outlook, or Yahoo! but if you send out five invites to friends in your address book, you get a free upgrade to the Pro version. Here, you will also be able to customize each account with a signature and colour. Additionally, you can create unlimited quick auto replies and a virtual inbox to view emails from select folders across accounts.

While composing a message, you can attach files saved in your Dropbox or Box account, provided the app is installed on your handset. If required, Boxer also lets you mark an email as an item to your to-do list, or save to your Evernote account.
Android, iOS, Kindle Fire: Free

For productivity 
Acompli Email & Calendar lets you access multiple functions without leaving the app.

You can access emails from multiple accounts: Outlook, Google, iCloud, Yahoo!; set appointments and schedules with the built-in calendar, and send files from your online storage accounts, like OneDrive and Dropbox, as well. The app also lists, by account, the attachments that have been emailed to you. It uses a "focused" filter to only list emails it thinks are important. Everything else be it newsletters, social network updates, bank mailers is under the "Other" filter.

Acompli lets you schedule replies with a simple swipe and view the exchanges (emails, meetings and files) you have had with contacts. Android, iOS, Kindle Fire: Free

For tablets 
Interface is optimized to work better on large-screen devices: correspondence is displayed as cards across the length of the screen. The app provides you with a quick preview of your email's contents, and you can even respond to messages from the dashboard interface itself.

Emails are categorized under labels: Personal, Social and Services. The app displays frequently emailed contacts in the form of photo icons, and you can tap any one to view all the conversations you've had.

Alternatively, tapping a sender's icon in the main list reveals quick actions like reply and archive. Molto also supports swipe gestures to change the viewing mode, or to delete mails.
Android, iOS: Free

Dodge spammers 
Have you ever regretted sharing your email address with people you barely know? And how about those online forms that need an email address and promptly sell it to spammers? With MailDrop, you can create a temporary ID for these purposes. Simply enter a username, then click "Go". You will be taken to your new inbox without a password! You can create any number of pseudo IDs; allowing you to keep separate inboxes for newsletters and websites.

MailDrop keeps it simple and strict: attachments are discarded, the inbox is cleared every 24 hours, and spam is filtered out. You can give your temporary email ID without worrying about being targeted with 'special offers' again.

Analyze your work 
Researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology have developed a tool called Immersion that trawls your Gmail or Yahoo! inbox `To' and `From' only to display its contents as an interactive graphic. It analyzes your inbox to depict all your contacts as `nodes' along with the connections to other contacts (people who have been CC'd in correspondence).

Larger circles mean you have received more emails from that person. Click on any node, and Immersion shows you the number of mails you have exchanged, the date of the first, as well as the last email you have received.

An overall analysis of your inbox reveals the number of emails it in cludes, and the names of your top collaborators. It will display the total number of emails sent and received from the day you signed up for the account. And you can even look at this data for the past year, month, or week.

Finally, when you're done, you can logout and delete this meta data from MIT's servers. Ah yes, don't worry , the service does not read through the contents of your

Manage newsletters 
Me Many of us inadvertently subscribe to email newsletters, sometimes when signing up for an online shopping account, when downloading free software, or perhaps when register ing for a new internet service. Well, Unroll Me helps you manage your email subscriptions.s Sign up with your email ID and Unroll Me scans your : inbox for newsletters. These are then displayed on a web page e along with options that let you choose if you want to unsubr scribe; leave the email untouched; or 'add to rollup'.

The service automatically unsubscribes you from all the newsletters you opted out of, while the ones you've added to e your 'Roll Up' will come to you in a daily digest at a time d specified by you simply , a neat and tidy way to take care of all your newsletters.

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